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Wedding cakes

My fiancée and I are planning a wedding to occur in Oct. of this year. We are close to having everything planned but are still uncertain in regards to wedding cakes. We have heard that some local Chinese bakeries in Maryland / Northern Virginia area can create similar quality, taste, design, etc… cakes at half the costs of traditional wedding designers and I wanted to know if there was any truth in that. If there is, I would appreciate any information.

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  1. have you done any pricing at traditional, western-style bakeries, like heidelberg in arlington? (or anywhere else?)

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      Yes, right now for a wedding party of 150-175 at 6.50 PP we are looking at over $1K

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        wow. i got married in '94 and heidelberg did our cake with almond flavor filling and a marzipan icing/coating for, iirc, around 2.25 (or 2.75) per person. it was sure good.

        best of luck to you. i don't know of any chinese bakeries in nova. i see there is a lot larger chinese community in montgomery county. surely there are some chinese-american local hounds who can weigh in.

        shout out to ktmoomau: you've ordered your cake locally, right? what kind of price quote did you go with for your cake? ps, hope the bar went well!

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          Bar in two weeks... ahhhh. Thank goodness for eating, it is the one time I get out of the house from studying.

          Actually since we are getting married at the Greenbrier they have a huge in house dept. we are going to cake taste at in October. We also were thinking about a Smith Island Wedding Cake because we love Smith Island Cake and my Mother helped some business women who make them get a grant... But we got referrals from some people for this place for a Smith Island Wedding Cake:


          We also are cake tasting in a few places in Charlottesville as that is only a couple hours away from the Greenbrier and the fiance's parents live there.

          Of course we really don't want a frou frou cake, just something that tastes good. And my Aunt is a folk artist who is making a neat cake topper so we really don't want a lot of decoration. But when we were looking at Randolph Bakery for just a kind of normal cake for our engagement party of 100 it wasn't near that much, I think it was like $200. Did the OP want something really ornate or just something minimal?

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            LOVE everything about Smith Island and that certainly includes the layer cake. Us, we will probably end up eloping, but at the post-elopment party, right now we are thinking of a Costco cake. Really, why fall into the clutches of the wedding industrial complex?

            Best of luck on the bar . . . .

    2. ktmoomau is referring to pastries by randolph in arlington.
      i referred to heidelberg bakery in arlington.

      1. Maria's Bakery in Rockville, next to Congressional Plaza, I think is the type of chinese bakery you are looking for. And you might want to take a look at Stella's Bakery, near White Flint Mall, for a more Mediterranean style.

        1. A few years ago there was a Chinese/Vietnamese bakery next to Mark's Duck House that did wedding cakes, but that place has been gone for a while - information that I know is not helpful.

          Maria's Bakery ( is the biggest Chinese bakery chain in the area, and I think your best bet is at least to start with them. However, I've had a lot of Chinese cakes over the years, and I'm not quite certain that the taste and texture will be the same as a more traditional Western cake. I'm not a baker, so I don't really know what the difference in the baking is, but most of the Chinese cakes I've had tend to be...spongier...is the best word I can think of, than Western cakes.

          That said, maybe a Korean bakery will be more suitable? There seems to be a greater French influence in the Korean cakes I've tried, so that might be more familiar to the palate?

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            That was my reaction as well. I don't know about Chinese bakeries, but maybe the OP was actually hearing about a Korean bakery and the person passing along the tip just got confused? I've not tried any of the Korean baked goods, but I believe "Matin de Paris" Bakery (or something like that name), a Korean bakery in Annandale, is well thought of. For our cake we used Cakes Plus in Laurel--it was 2 years ago and memory fades, but IIRC the cake was fine and the price was reasonable. They are a wedding cake specialist and deliver about anywhere.

          2. I don't know how much it cost but Narcissa at cakes-unique did ours when we got married last year at the Hay-Adams. And it was fantastic.


            1. this might be a bit off the wall for you...but there are a handful of home bakers in the area that make excellent wedding cakes for a fraction of the cost at a typical wedding cake bakery.

              One in particular that I am a little in love with is Artistic Cake Creations. 1.25/slice with any flavor combination you can dream up. (for example...the bottom layer of our cake is going to be a chocolate cherry cake with bailey's mousse filling) She's actually located in Charles Town, WVA but that's not a bad drive from the MD/NoVa area and she delivers all over the region. Most of her cake flavors are excellent. (german chocolate was disappointing, but I think that was about it)

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                We used Artistic Cake Creations for our wedding in April. We had three flavors of cake which were delicious and it was really inexpensive!

              2. I don't know if they do wedding cakes per se, but there are several Shila bakeries, which are Korean, in MD and VA, might want to try them out. Korean cakes tend to be lighter in density with whipped fillings and frostings, which make them very elegant and tasty

                1. Thanks everybody for your input. I hadn't priced heidelberg instead I priced some solo bakers in Montgomery county area and that was the price that they came up with. We also wanted a fondant icing, which add at least an extra $1 per slice regardless of the original costs. We'll take a look at all the recommended bakers listed. Thanks again.

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                    i hope heidelberg works out. i have a soft spot for them in my heart as my wedding cake was superb! if you like almond, check out the almond buttercream filling, and the marzipan to cover the cake. i think i'm going to get one for my anniversary in october, come to think of it!

                    oh, look, prices right here.: http://www.heidelbergbakery.com/?q=no...

                    (now, i'm going to compare "wedding" cake vs. "cake" prices....)

                  2. I visited Creative Cakes in MD for open house tasting and they were really tasty. As a less expensive alternative, you can request a cake with faux layers (ie styrofoam disguised under decorative icing) and then have regular sheet cakes in the back for serving to guests. When the cake is wheeled away, no one would ever know. Of course if you've decided on an elaborate design, it wouldn't work.

                    1. my experience with cakes is you get what you pay for. someone above mentioned creative cakes with narcissa, sadly she had moved out of the country. from my knowledge all of her customers including the hay adams hotel has been passed on to kendall's cakes.I know several caterers that work with her frequently and have heard nothing but good things. apparently her cakes are not only beautiful, but taste incredible which is an aspect some tend to forget about when planning

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                        Oh no!, Gooddives, when did she move? The cake she made for us was fantastic. Almond cake with white chocolate mousse with chunks of strawberries in the mousse, white chocolate icing, and marizpan bands in the color of the bridesmaid's dresses. Simply incredible. Many people said it was the best cake they ever tasted.

                      2. Furin's in Georgetown did our cake and it was delicious. I don't remember the exact pricing, but it was substantially less that other places we considered.

                        1. I am not sure if this is too far from you but we had our wedding cake last year done by Fiona. She bakes out of her home near Annapolis. The cost was very reasonable and she didn't charge us extra for doing special designs on the cake which other bakers did. It was the best tasting wedding cake that I have ever had. Even our guests commented on how incredible the cake was. If she is not too far from you I would 100% recommend her.


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                            I have to second Creative Cakes for their taste and her presentation. We used BCakes by BKeith and the cake was utterly fantastic. We used fondant icing and the price was about $3.75/slice.

                          2. Thanks again for all the information. Would someone happen to have a number/email or any contact info. for the artistic cake creations in WV, their website doesn't load for some reason.

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                              The email address for Artistic Cake Creations is margie@artisticcakecreations.com

                              I'm also getting married in October of this year and have exhaustively researched wedding cake vendors in the DC area. You should consider Victoria's Cakery in Fairfax, VA if Artistic Cake Creations does not work out for you. Victoria's Cakery starts at $2.25 per serving and goes up to $4.50 per serving. The website is www.victoriascakeryinc.com. They have a great reputation for their wedding cakes. Good luck and best wishes.

                            2. I got married in November in DC and we used Celebration Flowers and Cakes, which is a small business run by Pamela Hutzell out of Northern Virginia. She's based in Front Royal, but we had our tasting in Manassas (I think). Without a doubt, she is the vendor that my wife rated the highest. Pamela has an excellent choice of flavors, her prices start at $3.25/guest, very creative, she was dependable, and everyone loved the cake.

                              We had approximately 150 guests, so a similar size to your wedding. Big bonus was that Pamela also provided our flowers, and my very exacting wife loved her work there as well. We would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Because she's a solo operator, she sometimes took a day or so to respond to emails, but she always responded and was very attentive to details. She showed up early, stayed late, and was all around a pleasure to work with.

                              The website is:


                              Good luck.