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Jul 11, 2008 03:45 AM

Seison Restaurant on Old Town Oakland?

Has anyone been to this Restaurant? I walked by it by chance and thought it looked like a lovely place. The menu looked interesting and it's in a very central location one block off of Broadway.

Please let me know what you think if you've been there.

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  1. ML8000 asked the same question a last year.


    I'm pretty sure I had a business lunch there back in the third quarter of last year. The location was inappropriately chosen by a commercial broker who was trying to broker a deal for us. I say "inappropriately" because it was too damned noisy to be able to hear yourself think, much less discuss business. I was so aggravated, I can't even remember anything about the menu.

    Sorry, that's neither here nor there - one visit over an ill-chosen lunch does not make for a valid opinion. I do recall thinking, however, that I would like to return sometime when I'm not on the clock.

    1. I've walked by that place (Washington Inn hotel restaurant) hundreds of times but never found the menu very appealing.

      495 10th St, Oakland, CA

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        I checked their online menu and have to agree with you. Makes me wonder what I was thinking.

      2. Walked by it around 6:30 p.m. on Wed., 7/9 -- totally empty! Only a couple of guys in aprons were taking a smoke break on the sidewalk

        Jesso's across the street had about a half dozen tables on the sidewalk full of diners; B's also had quite a bit of business going on.

        1. I went there recently for happy hour and, yes, the place was nearly empty but the food I had was great! Interesting, well seasoned, well presented. I think the chef is of Persian descent. Happy hour apps are 50% off. It's a pretty space, too. I'm not really sure why it's empty. Other than the fact that people generally don't give empty restaurants a try.

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            Ah yes. Empty restaurants tend to be self-perpetuating. Can you tell us in particular what you liked there?