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Jul 10, 2008 10:07 PM

Ethnic eats near SpringHill Suites (Canfield & 90W)

Looking for any kind of reasonable ethnic eats near O'Hare/Canfield rd. besides asian. (went to Lawrence and Kedzie for khalbi at Kang Nam last night) Am opent to anything. Am bushed from work and travelling and hoping to stay close to my hotel and avoid traffic.
Five miles and avoiding highways sounds like the ticket for me tonight.

Will be going to Bale earlier in the day for lunch.

Btw, If there is good sushi/japanese food nearby, I am willing to nix the whole asian thing. :)


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  1. At Canfield and I90, you are very close to Edison Park where there are a number of good places on Northwest Highway. Don Juans has upscale Mexican that is quite good. Also, you have Zia's Trattoria which does Italian well.

    There is also a pizza place nearby with a great patio for nights when the weather is great.

    1. If you were willing to go to Lawrence and Kedzie, then Semiramis a block south on Kedzie is very, very good for middle eastern food.

      Closer to where you are, if you count Italian as ethnic, then Pasta D'Arte is excellent. It's less than a mile from the Nagle exit, just South of Superdawg (which, while not at all ethnic, is an institution).