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Jul 10, 2008 09:48 PM

New treat at Fratelli's

Fratelli's Market in Stamford specializes in a wide variety of frozen pastas and sauces (none of which thrill me that much), wonderful fresh mozzarella made on site daily, prepared entrees and antipasti and tons of imported Italian specialty products. Today I noticed a new item in the cold case--sundried sweet red peppers in olive oil, $14 per lb. The owner said they were to die for and gave me a generous free sample to take home and try. Yes, they are to die for. Like roasted red peppers on steroids. Expensive, but you don't need a lot. I'd use them sparingly the same way you use sundried tomatoes; they add that same intense punch. Would be great in a pasta salad. Better cooks than I will come up with some good ideas, I'm sure. Go get some.

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