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Jul 10, 2008 09:42 PM

Japan Board is dead, lets discuss Pizza

I'm heading (tentatively) to Pizzakaya tonight for dinner and beers. I've never been, but have heard good things. A co-worker from the western US tells me that the Santa Fe pizza is to die for.

Anyone have a favorite delivery service? I usually stick with Salvatore Cuomo.

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  1. I assume you're talking Tokyo?

    In the Kobe area (Nishinomiya, specifically), I really like Fontegara. Neapolitan-style pizza at its best! (except the bismark--that one kind of sucks)

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    1. re: prasantrin

      Good to know. I'm moving to Hyogo-ken in about 2 weeks and am always on the lookout for food recs.

      Is there a pizza at Fontegara you prefer above the others?

      1. re: MeAndroo

        I usually get the half margherita and half napolitana (anchovies and olives--maybe capers, too, but I can't remember). They use really good olives (marinated in oil, not the canned crap). I really love the chile oil they have at the tables, though. I think I like the chile oil more than the pizza.

        It's closest to Kurakuenguchi Station on the Hankyu line, but you can get off at Shukugawa Station and walk 10-ish minutes up the hill if you don't want to bother with the transfer (which is very easy, but the walk is nice).

    2. Once in a while we get SalC... That 4000 yen pizza/pasta/salad/side/delivered deal they have is pretty good when we don't feel like doing anything but sitting our butts down on the couch. The only other one that is tolerable around this area is Pizza Hut. The rest (Domino's, Strawberry Cones, Pizza-La) are disasters IMO. I had heard from a coworker that Pizzakaya was pretty good too but haven't been there. One place we have been dying to try is Pizza Mia in Kojimachi.

      What I wouldn't do for a couple of Hoboken-size slices sometimes....

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      1. re: kamiosaki

        But you get delicious, great Ramen, Yakitori and cool Izakayas seemingly on every block. I'd trade some Pizza for that any day (I can't wait to go back to Japan soon). (^_~)

        1. re: kamiosaki

          I know that deal, I've done it myself a few times.

          As for Pizzakaya, it's definitely good. The pepperoni is imported from the US and it made my day. My face lit up like a christmas tree as soon as I tasted it. Pepperoni has always been my favorite pizza growing up, and to taste it again after a few years hiatus was nice.

          The crust is, from what I can gather, a west coast US style. I'm more philadelphia/NYC/DC in my pizza crust desires but it was good nonetheless. I'll definitely be back for more pepperoni pizza sometime soon.

          1. re: kamiosaki

            Well we had a couple Domino's Brooklyn Pizzas last night and I have to say that (for Domino's) they were good. In the oven for 30 secs more and they might have started to approach the Sal. L = 36cm. We got the regular with meat and the one with garlic. Crust thickness in between Sal's and the regular Domino's. Wonder how long these things have been on the menu in Japan , also they appear to only be available via internet order, not phone.

            1. re: kamiosaki

              They've been available online for a few months, I think. I do recall seeing them as early as December or January, but I've not tried them.

              What's Sal's? A Brooklyn pizzeria?

              Odd that you can't order them by phone (I only order by internet, so I never noticed that you couldn't order them any other way).

          2. There seems to be a bifurcation of pizza genres in Japan. I remember when the first Shakey's (an LA chain) opened in Tokyo in the late 70s or early 80s. I think the delivery/fast-food style pizza was modelled on American chains, as well as the "pizza-to-appeal-to-local-tastes" style with toppings like corn and mayonnaise. It seems that many of today's adults in Japan came of age eating this style of pizza, which most likely maintains its popularity and I'm sure that, like in the US, it has a kid-friendly appeal that is pleasing susequent generations of Japanese. I could be wrong, but I think most izakaya pizzas will fall under this genre of pizza.

            At some point later, the Japanese developed an obsession for authentic Neopolitan pizza (along with all things Italian). This obsession created a place for serious sit-down (and moderately expensive) pizzerias following every conceivable detail to recreate Neopolitan pizza in Japan. I've read that Japan has the most pizzerias outside of Italy that is certified by the Verace Pizza Nepoletana (the certification organization from Napoli). So there are some very serious pizzerias in Tokyo and Japan in general. Probably better than what we get in most areas of the US (and I include NYC in this). This is consistent with my experience of having some very good pizza in Japan.

            So here's the Tabelog ranking page for pizzerias in Tokyo. Check some out and report back and let us know if they're as good as the users seem to think.

            And here's the website for the Associazione Verace Pizza Napolitana, where I'm sure there's a way to find the certified pizzerias.

            1. it definitely isn't "authentic" at all, but I love PizzaLa's ebimayo pizza (prawn & mayonaise). PizzaLa's a delivery place that is about anywhere. They have a website if you want to find the store nearest to you.

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              1. re: masissoyo

                I like PizzaLa as well, they have a new coarse ground sausage pie I like.

                Pizzeria 1830 in Nogizaka is pretty good too. Went for the first time last weekend and enjoyed the spicy salami pizza. My dining companions really liked the white pizza they had as well.

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  yeah we had the white pie with shrimp, marscapone and mushrooms. it was good though sloppy and wet. before i had the sausage and mixed mushroom pie, which was very tasty. had pizzakaya delivered on saturday night and was not impressed. everything came over cooked, dried out and cold. the meatballs were burnt to the tray! hmmm, maybe better to eat in the store? the wings came on top of shredded lettuce and must have been put on the lettuce hot because it was wilted and stuck in the wing sauce, so we had to pick out the lettuce on each wing before eating. we ended up throwing a lot of it away!

                2. re: masissoyo

                  I know that my opinion is completely irrational as obviously whatever tastes good is good, but I have always thought that eating pizza with mayonnaise on it deprives (or should deprive) a person of any chance to go to heaven. Mayonnaise does not belong on pizza, it is just wrong. As is, while we're at it, so-called "deep-pan". Pizza needs to have a crisp, satisfying base, otherwise it is an abomination which should be called something else, but not "pizza".

                  Ahh, that felt good. Irrational rants are strangely liberating.

                  I think that of the places which do home delivery, Salvatore is fine (ignoring the occasional puddles or semi-lakes of oil on their pizzas). I am not enthusiastic about most pizza delivery joints in Tokyo as they tend to sell American style pizza which I don't particularly enjoy. And nobody seems to do proper Calzone.

                3. Salvatore Cuomo is my fave too--but for a decent lunch set with margherita pizza, the Italian place in Yotsuya Atre is also pretty good. and they serve it with a little bottle of chili oil if you like a little spice.

                  i'm anit-mayonnaise so i boycott the other delivery places on principle...

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                  1. re: wakaba

                    Just 6 or 7 minutes down the road (towards Yot 3-chome), there is a Salvatore Cuomo.