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Jul 10, 2008 09:30 PM

Great Food in Wrigleyville- Is My List Complete?

My boyfriend is about to move to Wrigleyville from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and I'm trying to put together a list of good restaurants in the area for him. I looked around the forums and tried to put together a list of places recommended by multiple people, but I'm sure I missed some good places (and possibly included bad ones).

I'm especially hoping to find more good Mexican recommendations- he loves Mexican food, and he heard that there's not much good Mexican in Chicago. I'd like to prove him wrong, if possible.

TAC Quick
Cozy Noodles

African/Middle Eastern:
The Raw Bar

Pizza Capri
Pasta Palozzo
Mia Francesca

Pancho Pistolas

Athenian Room
The Bagel

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  1. I'm not sure that the best food in Chicago is to be found in Wrigleyville, and probably not the best Mexican, but if he's willing to step away from that area on occasion he can find some AMAZING food. Just for starters, on Sundays there's the Maxwell Street Market - an outdoor area with all sorts of vendors - this is where you can find the much ballyhooed eyeball taco, as well as more prosaic and delicious hand-made tortillas filled with freshly grilled meats.

    New Maxwell Street Market
    548 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL

    1. <he heard that there's not much good Mexican in Chicago>

      You're kidding, right? Chicago had great Mexican restaurants long before there were any in most northern cities! Chicago has long had a thriving Mexican community in the neighborhood of Pilsen, and it has not decreased! There are wonderful Mexican restaurants (not talking high end/pricy) all over town!

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        Maybe someone should look at these three threads that offer a good start on Mexican food in Chicago:
        Best Mexican Restaurants:
        Trip Report (Bombon, Casa de Samuel, Taqueria Aguascalientes, Sol de Mexico & Chicago Hospitality):

      2. Like all say, Mexican abounds.

        And, Pancho Pistolas is like 70 some city blocks south of Wrigleyville.

        1. Hi Liz. I know Chapel Hill very well and I think your boyfriend will find that Wrigleyville feels like a bigger version -- lots of people partying and drinking beer while cheering on the local team. :-) (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Wrigleyville has a lot of restaurants, some pretty good but others that stay in business because of their location...

          TAC, on your list, is really excellent though. Be sure to ask for the Thai menu translated by Erik M, and also check the board for daily specials.

          Other places you might want to add: Matsuya, an old standby for Japanese; the Duke of Perth, for fish and chips and scotch, Tango Sur, Argentine on Southport.

          Here's an old thread asking about the same neighborhood. It's a few years out of date so check that everything mentioned is still open.

          I hope he will get out and explore as many other neighborhoods as possible, too -- having a restaurant as a destination is a good way to do that. Here's a link to a list of places that might help him get started:

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          1. re: Amata

            I'll happily 2nd Matsuya as a stellar, no frills neighborhood Japanese joint.

          2. that's a very spotty list. you really only want to eat at giordano's for the pizza but that's it. chens and cozy noodles are average (tac quick is good). tuscany has better italian than the places you have there, although mia francesaca is decent. erwin's is supposed to be pretty good but i haven't been there

            everyone above is right, chicago has great mexican food.