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Jul 10, 2008 09:12 PM

Pelican Club

We have reservations for Saturday night and were hoping for some news on the place. Is it a place that you would recommend. I would love to hear fom someone who has been recently as a search found mixed results back in 2007

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  1. Had a very disappointing meal there pre K. Never returned. At the time the portions were relatively small, overpriced and mediocre. Hopefully things have changed. Please report back.

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Ate there less than a year ago......I found it disappointing as well.

      1. re: BayouTeche

        Wish there was more to add, but my experience was similar to the two other posters

        1. re: paz5559

          Bad experience here as well. The food is just not up to par with other places. For the price point, you can do much better.

          Specific issues with the food - cold, poorly seasoned, and recommended dishes were utterly unmemorable.

    2. I'll join the chorus. It's a strange place -- not just the food, but strange service, too -- and I'm not sure what explains its continued popularity.

      1. Brfoodie,

        For a while, it was flying high. We had it on the rotation, but that trip got moved back a few months. In that time, a lot of negative comments were posted, so it fell off the list. Considering that we usually only get to NOLA for a week, or so, per year, I do not feel that adventerous as to try someplace that the CH group is having problems with. Now, had the reviews and comments been polarized, like Mama's Fish House on Maui, I'd be glad to dine there, just to see which side was right. With nothing but poor reviews, I was not about to "take one for the team."

        If you go, please do a review. With good reports, they could make it onto our schedule for October.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Bill I am ashamed to say that after reading the boards and having to entertain my sister-in-law who is used to a higher standard being a resident of London I chickened out and we went to old reliable G W Fins where we had the usual mix of good food and wine.
          We had the lobster dumplings, the fried lobster and the wood grilled shrimp as apps.All were good although the shrimp could have been bigger. The King Salmon ,Scallops and mangrove snapper were also well executed. While nothing had the wow factor in it the overall consistency made it a safe bet.
          PS sis liked the whole meal. Also I have unsuccessfully looked for your London revew as we are going in few weeks.

          1. re: Brfoodie

            I'd like to go OT and chat about GW Fins. It sounds like you had a good meal, and I know that Mr. Hunt likes the place, but my own view is that it's overhyped. Sure one can get a perfectly good seafood meal at GW Fin's, and certainly there's a market for that in NOLA as anywhere else, but I just can't recommend this place to visitors, most of whom are looking for a more NOLA-like experience.

            1. re: Blumie

              I understand your concern. When it was first recommended to me, I had reservations (not the ones that you make on Open Table), but they won me over.

              As for NOLA cuisine, I have to admit that they have introduced me to fare, that I did not recall, growing up in the area. It's not "old-style NOLA," but they do so much right. It is a good spot, from our perspective. We've done them on casual dining experiences, as well as culinary events. They have yet to let us down.

              I greatly respect your comments, and think that I understand where you're coming from. Still, if a spot delivers, I tend to be enamored with them.

              This is not meant to counter your views, or experiences, but to give a base to my feelings.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I appreciate your comments, Bill. I have eaten at GW Fin's many times, so they must be doing something right, but the place just doesn't "wow" me. Were it in Boston, where I spend a lot of time, I'd probably go there a lot (surprisingly, for a "fish town," Boston has shockingly few really good fish-centric restaurants). But in NOLA, I just don't get excited about the place.

                1. re: Blumie

                  I do agree about Boston. There are great restaurants, though the ones that tout their "seafood heritage," have left me, and my wife (the New Orleanian in the family) flat.

                  Along those lines, a recent PHX thread (SW board) on "seafood restaurants," brought up the point that most that are known for their seafood, do not do a good job. Still, seafood in PHX can be found, but it will be on seasonal menus at non-seafood restaurants.

                  Even growing up on the Coast, I have to admit that Fins has taught me a few lessons on seafood. That, alone, is worth the price of admission. Though I'd caught a few, I did not know that there were Mississippi "stone crabs." Fins offered them. Same for some snapper info. Hey, good food, at fair prices in a nice (albeit not cutting-edge, or overly romantic) venue and a fun little wine list, plus I learn a few things... doesn't get much better for this country boy.

                  I do agree that there is not a great deal of "innovation," but I can also say the same for a fav. of mine, Galatoire's. I love innovation, probably more than the next 10 people, but it has to be based on good food.

                  You are not alone, as I often feel like the Lone Ranger, when I mention Fins. When I got my first rec. from a known food and wine critic, I hesitated, because of the name. Still, if SHE recommended a place, it had to be doing something well, even if I'd never heard of it. Went, and was wow'ed. On each insuing visit there have been a few wow's, but mostly just good food, that we enjoyed.

                  After our previous trip, my wife gave them the nod over some major players. I put them into the middle of that pack. Still, that is not bad.

                  Thanks for your comments,


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Fins doesn't claim to be representing New Orleans and for the most part it doesn't. However it is cnsistently good and the fish is always pristinely fresh. With sea food less is often better and Chef Flynn seems to respect his ingredients. The price point is reasonable, the place is nice and you are more or less assured of having a good meal and with a little bit of luck an exceptional meal. The ariety of fish is unparalleled in the city and he never has junk fish like tilapia on the menu.
                    So Fins cannot be bashed for what it never claimed to be- a NOLA classic. Take it for what it is and enjoy.

                    1. re: Brfoodie

                      Don't get me wrong; I certainly am not bashing the place. I've been numerous times and always have enjoyed my meal. I just hesitate to recommend it to tourists who generally are looking for more quintessential NOLA experiences. Also, while I think GW Fins is very good, it doesn't cross the greatness line for me. (Also, on my last vist a few months ago, my waitress was annoying to the point where it tainted my meal -- one of those overly nice and overly chatty people who you just wish would shut up after a while!)

            2. re: Brfoodie

              Since I get to dine in London about 2x/year, I have to say that G W Fins is better than most "seafood" restaurants in the Mayfair, Soho and Covent Gardens areas. Scott's used to be a great spot, but it has been refurbished and is now part of the Woosley, and J Sheekey's group. This has not proved to be good.

              I'd rate Fins above anything that I have encountered around Londaon!

              How did this play with your UK friends?


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                The best seafood in LOndon fter going 8 times in the last three years is a good fish and chips place with a BYOB policy like the Golden Hind.

          2. well, ill have to take a difference stance -- i think its pretty good. i usually go twice a year for their COOLinary menu, and then another time or two just to try things at the bar. i have never been disappointed.

            in fact, of all the COOLinary offerings, myself and my companions all feel PC's is the most generous and rewarding. i start w/ the seafood martini; the filet w/ crabcake & truffled mashed potatoes w/ glazed veggies (or the ahi tuna w/ sea scallops & the same), and dessert. last year they had an amazing lemon thing, but this year its either brulee or white chocolate bread pudding, both of which are fine.

            last week when i was there our server was very good -- friendly, attentive, and not annoying.

            so for me, dunno whats up w/ the neg reviews.