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Jul 10, 2008 08:36 PM

Best grilled cheese

Ok, I've got a new topic...which places serve the best grilled cheese sandwiches?? I was at Garden at the Cellar and had a wonderful meal of grilled cheese w/ tomato soup. Ah!! Comfort food heaven. It was delicious. It got me thinking, though it's a simple dish and can be made at home, where else can you go if the craving arises and you are away from home?

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  1. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup...... that has to be one of my favorite comfort foods of all times!

    What I don't understand is how any place feels comfortable selling a GC for $4.00+. It is two peices of bread and some cheese. There is not $4.00 of materials and overhead in that sucker, seriously! Make it a loss leader and sell them for $1.50!!!

    This is probably blasphemy and I'll get firebombed, but I love the turkey supermelt at Friendly's. :)

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      Turkey Supermelt at Friendly's 4life! My fave as well.
      For a great grilled cheese, go to Your House in Wherever You Live for an amazing version.

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        I'm totally behind you with the supermelt at Friendly's. This just screams my childhood whenever I think about it. I'm now living in a city without a Friendly's but about a year ago I had one driving back from NYC with a Fribble and it was pure delight!

      2. kelly's has really good grilled cheese. its on the kids menu but worth a try

        1. I've had good grilled cheese and bacon at the Paramount on Charles St. and Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. A few more too that I can't think of right now. My one grilled cheese at Eastern Standard was way too boring and basic.

          1. I talk about The Delux enough here that I am sure people think I am a total shill, however their grilled cheese , which changes every six weeks or so, is consistently excellent.

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              Agreed and sometimes they have tomato soup to go with them. Pure comfort food (along with a couple of beers).

            2. Upstairs on the Square has a creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese combo on the lunch menu that is always great.

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              1. re: rlh

                second this opinion. It is often on the dinner menu as a starter as well.

                1. re: smtucker

                  Thirding the rec for Upstairs (actually the Monday Club Bar that is downstairs at Upstairs).

                  Also, Eastern Standard does a great grilled cheese - Grafton Cheddar on rye. No tomato soup with it though.

                  1. re: heathermb

                    I second the one at Eastern Standard. It's the best I've ever had. Although it doesn't come with tomato soup, they always have a delicious soup on the menu, and the grilled cheese does come with those great ES fries.