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Jul 10, 2008 08:03 PM

Driving to DC area from NYC in the morning..need breakfast recommendations (either in Baltimore or DC)

We are heading south via the I 95, leaving in the wee hours and should be in Baltimore at about 8 or 9 am and DC a bit later. Would like to get recs for breakfast in both places since I'm not sure when we'd want to stop to eat, although I'm thinking we'd need food before we get to DC.


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  1. not a b'fast person myself, some piece of junk at the rest stop on 95 to tide one over and then a nice lunch once you get here.

    or better bring some NYC lox and bagels for the road. God knows you won't find better at this latitude.

    1. Jimmy's in Fells Point (not too far off 95) is consistently good. Here is a review from the local newspaper.

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        Second Jimmy's - and get some scrapple. : )

        Also, just a bit south of Baltimore on 95 you'll see signs for Frank's Diner. Solid diner.