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Jul 10, 2008 07:52 PM

One Dinner: Tilth or Crush (Seattle)

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  1. wow .. two completely different experiences .. both have outstanding food. Crush has more adventurous/boisterous food whereas Tilth is more reserved/composed. I love them both, would take my parents to either my mom would love Tilth, my dad Crush.
    What type of restaurant do you like? Crush is loud (to match the food I suppose) the interior a bit too design-ey ..Tilth is pale yellow with calm service, atmosphere + food ... some find the food at Tilth bland, no one would say this about Crush.

    1. I like both just fine, but I would rather go to Sitka & Spruce or the Boat Street Cafe any day (I think this is Seattle's most underrated restaurant, and brunch is excellent also).

      1. Well then, how about Elemental at Gasworks? or Art of the Table? (poor fellow didn't realize who he was asking for a simple answer...)

        1. I guess I should have offered more specifics.
          - I like more creative food, brighter flavors so it sounds like Crush would fit that bill better, but obviously the one with better food would be the better choice.
          - We will be finishing a loooong drive to Seattle and I think the last thing we will want to do is stand around and wait for a table, which is why I regrettably had to cross Sitka and Spruce off my list.
          - We also will be getting there on a Wednesday, so Art of the Table is not an option (as far as I can looks closed on Wednesdays?).

          Is there a reason why between these two choices any of you would choose Option 3?

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            .... after a long drive ..Tilth, then.. both have great food, Crush can be loud Tilth is more calm... BUT i think the food is brighter though not more creative, than Tilth ... you have picked 2 restaurants with completely different food and dining experiences. You'll love either, though Crush may be too lively for winding down after a long drive.

            1. re: oliveoyl

              Tilth can be incredibly loud as well though. If the weather is nice you could possibly sit outside, which is incredibly relaxing. Every time I've eaten inside, it's been boisterous, crowded, and hot. I still think it's a great dining experience, but the only calming thing to me about Tilth is the design element. It's more modern country vs. straight modern.

              If you're going to dinner straight from your drive and will not feel incredibly presentable, then Tilth would be your clear choice. Crush does have a trendier, nicer dressed aspect to it that you don't find in many restaurants in Seattle.

              1. re: dylinw

                i wouldn't worry too much about the presentability part of it. I have seen some pretty casually/sloppily dressed people wander into Crush (usually young males) and nobody (certainly not the front of the house) really seems to care. after a long boring drive you might actually prefer a more lively place like Crush over a more homey place like Tilth (but that's entirely your call)

          2. If you actually want to eat something, Crush.
            If you want to tell people you ate some place, Tilth.