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Jul 10, 2008 07:11 PM

Good find in Chinatown

New Dragon Seafood Restaurant
934 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6050‎

It's a tiny hole in the wall; actually down a short hallway off of Hill Street in Chinatown. Was with some friends originally from Taiwan and we stopped in Chinatown for quick shopping and late lunch before heading to Burbank airport. Checked Sam Woos and it was a "B" rating and the menu didn't impress them. Next door was nice, but really expensive, Ocean Seafood. So, we let Fangshou loose and she walked down the street looking until she found New Dragon. It's kind of hard to find and not real fancy inside. But, the food quality and preparation and service was excellent. It is not Americanized Chinese, but some familiar dishes.

I ordered safe and asked for broccoli beef. It was fresh, light and tasty; best I have had in a long time. But, my friends ordered a bunch of stuff and let me taste. Soup was a broth with stomach lining (not tripe - it was soft) and a little bacon. Very tasty despite the sound of ingredients. And, you put red vinegar in it if you want. It's really good. I actually don't know what it was called because they ordered everything. Fresh fish prepared skin on; white fish, not tilapia, but they have a steamed tilapia dish also. Fresh live crab prepared to order. Hot pot of fish with veggies. They ordered more, but I had no guts to try some of the dishes this time.

Not such a great descriptive review, sorry. But, this place is really authentic Chinese and very good. Menu is in Chinese and English and if you want "safe" dish like chicken asparagus or broccoli beef, its there. But, some items I had never heard of (and kind of scared me at first) were very favorable for my friends. I want to go back and try more.

If anyone else knows this place and can describe better, please help me out. But, if you are looking for a great place to eat in Chinatown, this is it. We were there about 4:30PM Sunday and by 5:30PM is was getting real crowded. All ages, nationalities, wardrobe.

I am putting New Dragon on my list of really great Chinese.

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  1. So if you walk past the Phoenix Bakery, past the wishing well thing, turn left, past Hop Li (?) it is on your right? If so we had a great experience last year with some not so into food folks. Just asked the waitress for recs. We were surrounded by Chinese folks digging into big bowls of tasty looking stuff. We went "tame" with a board special of walnut shrimp, minced chicken in lettuce cups and a stir fry. Not exciting but well executed, fresh & flavorful, and it was a comfortable little space.

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      Probably the same? I looked up Phoenix Bakery and it is on Broadway; 969 N. is similar address to New Dragon at 934 N. Hill St. I don't know Chinatown well enough to follow your directions. Is thwishing well on Bamboo Lane (not open to traffic)? We found it walking along Hill Street from Sam Woo's and Ocean Seafood - same side of Hill street. Long blocks, we crossed over one traffic signal. And, they do have regular menu, and a very long list of board specials. It is at the end of a short hallway where there is what looks to be also a travel agency. We parked in a $3-pay lot waaaaay down the street on the other side of the street, but I understand they have parking in back, too.

      Anyway, the signage is on Hill Street and quite visible.
      The service is very friendly and helpful. And, they have the lettuce cups.

      1. re: torty

        Hop Louie......the place that looks like a pagoda. Hop Li is on Alpine.

        1. re: monku

          To what are you referring, monku? I am sorry, but Ido not know how your two restaurants mentioned are related to this thread on New Dragon in Chinatown. Are we all talking about the same place? New Dragon is where I was suggesting is really good food.

          1. re: kc girl

            This was a response to the first reply which mentioned Hop Li as a reference point for getting to New Dragon. Monku was just saying that the landmark was Hop Louie, not Hop Li.

      2. Old timers may remember this space as being the location of China Chef, though it has been New Dragon for over 10 years, during which time there seems to have been at least a couple of changes of ownership. The most recent change, probably a couple of years ago, was clearly an upgrade. Personally if I'm in that part of Chinatown I head on over to Golden City, but New Dragon's current incarnation is certainly much better than the past.