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Jul 10, 2008 06:55 PM

anything new and noteworthy in BKLYN??

I eat out twice a week, mostly in P slope, Cobble/Carroll - looking to try something that might have opened up in the past 3 months that is noteworthy- any type - just looking for good food! Price not an issue nor is the hood (have a car).

Some places I like:

The farm on Add
BK fish camp

Thx in Advance

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  1. Have you tried Ghenet on 4th and Douglass yet?

    1. have you been beast in prospect heights? Noona, Amorina or James? All of these are in prospect heights and James opened up only weeks ago. The others are "old" standby's but great.

      1. Has anyone heard anything about a placed called B&B in Williamsburg? I read about it in Time Out but haven't been able to find anything on it.

        1. If you're into Japanese, Hibino on Henry/Pacific is good. Not exactly new, but not on your list is Lunetta on Smith/Pacific & Dean. Really good food.

          1. try barrio (mexican) on 7th ave in mid slope. i've only been once and it was very enjoyable, but i've yet to read a negative review from anyone.