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Jul 10, 2008 06:52 PM

Mobile BBQ or Carne Asada Catering, SD?

Does anyone know of a mobile BBQ or carne asada catering company? I'm looking for someone to set up grills and cook on site for a non-profit event. In San Diego and under $8 pp. There would be approx. 180 + guests. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  1. I don't have the contact info for them but I heard rave reviews about 'Smoke Peddlers' doing a local bbq here in San Diego. I'm sure if you google you can get more info.

      Best BBQ in town,The real thing, better than Phils

      1. There's a place here that does Mongolian BBQ catering. I forget the name but I'll try and find out; I'll also try and find the per person cost.

        1. La Fachada

          20 25th St
          San Diego, CA 92102
          (619) 236-8566‎

          A real Mexican catering truck parked in their lot that serves wonderful food in the evenings. I am not sure if the truck and the restaurant share the telephone, so you may just need to go down there to talk to them. They grill their meat over real charcoal, make their own tortillas and have "catered" a gringo wedding before.

          1. Randy Jones Buck Board BBQ does a good job, they bring the buck board to the site. They do tri-tip and/or steaks. 8PP is a little hard, you might want to check with phils and have them deliver the material to you.