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1st Time in Seattle - Need a recommendation

I'm going to Seattle at the end of the month for 1 night on business (on a Sunday) - I will be in Downtown at the W Hotel. I'm not a picky eater at all - please recommend a place for dinner I can't miss, where eating at the bar is OK since I will be solo for the night. I enjoy all types of food and good wine. Thanks!

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  1. Marrakesh.....its a wonderful Moroccan place with yummy food and good service. Their prices are a bit high, but if you enjoy Moroccan then you will enjoy Marrakesh.

    check out some other reviews from yelp


    1. I think Purple has everything you are looking for. It has a large wine selection and bar seating and is close to your hotel. Check it out http://www.thepurplecafe.com/

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        Purple is the kind of place where you'll feel comfortable eating alone. I ate there on my recent trip to Seattle and enjoyed it.
        They have small plates, which I enjoy when eating alone ( a chance to try more items...) If you go, have the sea salt caramels with the paired port for desert. As I said in a mini-review elsewhere, that is the single best thing I have put in my mouth in a long time. Absolutely a must! My hotel was across the street from Purple and I ended up going back for desert TWICE....just to eat those caramels. Normally I'm not a big sweets person but they were worth it!

      2. i like the bar at le pichet .... a nice busy place. I've eaten dinner solo there quite a few times. Monsoon is also a good spot for solo dining ... I get the bo la lat and a veggie entree + a good glass of wine ..

        1. Focus on Walking:

          BOKA - in Hotel 1000. Its a hotel, but much more intimate and stylish than W. Beautiful bar w full NW Eclectic local-produced restaurant menu. Much better than it should be. Plus its very close to your hotel.

          Matts at the Market - Ive eaten at their "bar" many times and have met some really interesting people from all over the world. Its lively, open and great food.

          Cafe Campagnia - Great little french bistro place under the more spendy Campangnia in Pikes Mkt. with a long bar for eating. Never had a bad meal there, but depending on the day it can be a little quite.

          Flying Fish - A bit farther of a walk, but still a great lively place to eat at the bar for some of the best fish in the city.

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            Earth and Ocean in the W is actually quite good. Used to be on Seattle's top 5, but there are so many new places.

            I would add Union to your list.

          2. Of the previous recommendations, I like Le Pichet, Matt's in the Market (have not been since remodel), and cafe campagne. Matt's is the most Northwestern; the other two are French. Purple is close to the W, I work right here, but I think it's food is only average; nothing that creative or interesting. But I have not had the dessert that is recommended here and it is a fun bar with an extensive list of wines by the glass from all over; it is not NW focused. For a creative cocktail, try Vessel (bar only) also just a block from the W. (not too much food, but a nice macaroni).

            1. If you want to walk from the W, I suggest Union. Otherwise, jump in a cab to Harvest Vine and sit at the counter.

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                And if you go to HV and sit at the counter, I would recommend just asking the chefs to cook for you rather than ordering off the menu. We live blocks away, and initially tried to put our own menu together to moderate success. Now we just have them cook and it's usually fantastic -- they'll give you what they're most proud of or what's freshest/newest/yummiest. They also tend to ask about dietary stuff (I'm pregnant & avoiding raw fish/tuna, and they totally worked around it).

              2. Tulio's for great Italian and it's within walking distance of your hotel. Another fun place closeby is Sazerac at the Hotel Monaco. Good food and really good toddies. I've been the event planner for meetings at the W and know they'll treat you right.

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                  Tulio's is fine but i have had very disappointing experiences at Sazerac, both food and drink (ymmv). HV and Crush are good options.

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                    I used to love a drink called Dammit Janet at Sazerac but it's been YEARS since I went there regularly. I'm sorry to hear that it's no longer good.

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                      seems like their bartenders don't bother to taste their drinks before putting them out...anyway that's my impression...maybe when you were going there regularly the chef Kevin was still there (who left to start Steelhead Diner)

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                        Actually, I think it pre-dates Kevin (does that age me or what?!)

                2. Restaurant Zoe is a 10 minute walk from your hotel. The food is fantastic and the bar is both cozy and open, offering a great view of the dining room action and proximity to a friendly bar staff. Coming from New York, I found the experience to be a Seattle version of The Red Cat or Cookshop.

                  1. I ended up eating at the Pink Door - it was amazing, highly recommended.

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                      CityFood --- what did you have? NW Chowhounders have been wondering about the new chef and how the food is these days. We'd love to hear a little more.