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Jul 10, 2008 06:47 PM

1st Time in Seattle - Need a recommendation

I'm going to Seattle at the end of the month for 1 night on business (on a Sunday) - I will be in Downtown at the W Hotel. I'm not a picky eater at all - please recommend a place for dinner I can't miss, where eating at the bar is OK since I will be solo for the night. I enjoy all types of food and good wine. Thanks!

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  1. Marrakesh.....its a wonderful Moroccan place with yummy food and good service. Their prices are a bit high, but if you enjoy Moroccan then you will enjoy Marrakesh.

    check out some other reviews from yelp

    1. I think Purple has everything you are looking for. It has a large wine selection and bar seating and is close to your hotel. Check it out

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        Purple is the kind of place where you'll feel comfortable eating alone. I ate there on my recent trip to Seattle and enjoyed it.
        They have small plates, which I enjoy when eating alone ( a chance to try more items...) If you go, have the sea salt caramels with the paired port for desert. As I said in a mini-review elsewhere, that is the single best thing I have put in my mouth in a long time. Absolutely a must! My hotel was across the street from Purple and I ended up going back for desert TWICE....just to eat those caramels. Normally I'm not a big sweets person but they were worth it!

      2. i like the bar at le pichet .... a nice busy place. I've eaten dinner solo there quite a few times. Monsoon is also a good spot for solo dining ... I get the bo la lat and a veggie entree + a good glass of wine ..

        1. Focus on Walking:

          BOKA - in Hotel 1000. Its a hotel, but much more intimate and stylish than W. Beautiful bar w full NW Eclectic local-produced restaurant menu. Much better than it should be. Plus its very close to your hotel.

          Matts at the Market - Ive eaten at their "bar" many times and have met some really interesting people from all over the world. Its lively, open and great food.

          Cafe Campagnia - Great little french bistro place under the more spendy Campangnia in Pikes Mkt. with a long bar for eating. Never had a bad meal there, but depending on the day it can be a little quite.

          Flying Fish - A bit farther of a walk, but still a great lively place to eat at the bar for some of the best fish in the city.

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            Earth and Ocean in the W is actually quite good. Used to be on Seattle's top 5, but there are so many new places.

            I would add Union to your list.

          2. Of the previous recommendations, I like Le Pichet, Matt's in the Market (have not been since remodel), and cafe campagne. Matt's is the most Northwestern; the other two are French. Purple is close to the W, I work right here, but I think it's food is only average; nothing that creative or interesting. But I have not had the dessert that is recommended here and it is a fun bar with an extensive list of wines by the glass from all over; it is not NW focused. For a creative cocktail, try Vessel (bar only) also just a block from the W. (not too much food, but a nice macaroni).