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Kid Party - Any Suggestions For Snacks?

Am throwing a brithday bash for my little one in a few weeks and am trying to think of somewhat healthy treats to serve along with the cake. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. How old is your little one? I have nearly-four-year-old twins and am becoming an expert on kid-friendly snacks.

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      cupcakes always are a hit.We do a small cate then a buch of cupcakes.

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        She's going to be two, but the kids coming to the party are between 2 & 5.

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          My twins (fortunately) love fruit and also mini carrots -- with ranch dressing of course.

          Some of their favorite fruits are sliced (and peeled) apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, bananas, and -- we just learned, apricots!

          They also like freeze-dried fruit (from Trader Joe's), and yogurt-covered fruit.

          For packaged snacks, they like Goldfish and Cheez-Its, which are not horribly unhealthy.

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            Carrots are not recommended for two year olds. They are a choking hazard.

            Chicken nuggets and pizza cut into strips are probably your best bet. You can also serve cake or cupcakes, but keep it simple. Unfortunately, my daughter has 15 year old friends who haven't progressed much past this stage, so anything fancier may be uneaten.

      2. Depends on how old. G-son is now 11 but has, for years, enjoyed veggies with ranch dressing (must be ranch).

        1. You may not be an artist, but you can cut fruit up and assemble it on plates to look ike animals or form little pictures... Check out som of the bento groups ( http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?... ) on flicker for ideas.. its amazing what you can arrange to form pictures... bento box not manditory.
          I've seen a pear made into a dogs head with cheese ears and cherry noses... robots made out of slices of apple and carrot sticks... you can make a few different dips for the children to dip in, try yogurt and ranch (not mixed together of course
          )You can also make finger sandwichs (kind of like a tea party) and arrange them in a pretty way or even use cookie cutters to cut out shapes or make faces.
          I don't know if it falls along the lines of "healthy" but there is a really cute idea out there where you take half a hot dog, slice through it to make strands (but not all the way) and once you cook it the little strands curl up and look like legs. Octodogs! I learned about those on http://lunchinabox.net/2008/02/22/how...
          Hope that spawned some ideas for you :) Good luck!

          1. you can do a yogurt bar [regular, not frozen], with a few different flavors of yogurt, various cut-up fruits, and even some fun toppings like chocolate chips, granola, etc. the kids can choose their yogurt, the fruits they want, and a topping, and have a healthy sundae-like treat.

            if the idea of cups or bowls is potentially too messy, fruit skewers that can be dipped in yogurt and/or drizzled with sauce [chocolate, caramel, strawberry, etc.] works well.

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              Lots of good ideas at www.familyfun.com - including the cutest cupcakes ive ever seen

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                sharp skewers wouldn't be good for small children.

                A healthy take on potato chips: zucchini crisps. Slice zucchini and toss with a little EVOO. Cover in a bread crumb/parmesan mix and make until crisp.

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                  they don't have to be sharp - you can use popsicle sticks.

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                    You can also use pretzel rods for skewers.

              2. For several years of bd parties I did a snack buffet because I wasn't sure what kids would like and the consistent (and somewhat surprising) perennial favourites were sugar peas and those cheese string things (individual pieces of processed cheese that are made of little strings of cheese that kids pull off and eat). Younger kids tended to like less processed foods like fruits and veg, but if they have been out in the world, older kids do like chips (nothing too spicy) and popcorn. I have also learned to use bowls rather than plates for snacks because little ones do tend to tip their plates.

                I also always get juice boxes because they are not as much of a spilling hazard as open cups. I made up labels for them so the kids could tell them apart. I used animal stickers for the kids who were too young to recognize their names.

                1. Ice cold grapes, picked off the stems before serving. They do not drip, are sweet, not sticky and of course taste great. You can even do them frozen. Taste test on your kid first.

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                    I loved frozen grapes as a child (yes - wash them and take them off the stems before freezing). Very yummy. It was only in the seventh grade that I realized that "lollygobbleblissbombs", as my family called them, was not, in fact, a standard name for frozen grapes. :)

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                      Do not give grapes to a 2 year old unless you cut them in half. Particularly frozen ones since they would be like marbles.

                  2. Homemade jello made with fruit juice always is a hit :)

                    I always make a platter of cut up fruit with fruit dip when I have playdates for my little ones. A great fruit dip is simply a mix of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff... tastes like you are dunking your fruit in cheesecake!

                    If you like the skewer idea, but don't want sharp skewers, you can always use popsicle sticks or straws.

                    Veggies and dip can seem a lot more fun if you present it in a fun way... maybe brightly coloured individual snowcone type cups, with dip in the bottom and veggie sticks sticking out...

                    1. def some great suggestions thus far, so i'll try not to duplicate em.

                      you could make mini sammies - make regular sandwiches and cut them into fourths, since kids tend to like minis, and they're more approachable and size appropriate to the youngest ones...
                      -pb and preserves or maybe almond or cashew butter to mix it up with wheat bread
                      -cheese and tomato with italian dressing
                      -hummus and tomatoes

                      graham crackers topped w/ a little jelly - this does have a crummy and gooey potential tho

                      mini corn muffins - and slip in some corn and maybe another veggie

                      at TJ's they have these spinach nuggets that you could easily replicate - spinach, egg (whites), little cheese and panko, then mold and bake.

                      you could also make some mini turkey (or lean beef) meatballs as these are easy to eat with hands (or buy the turkey or veggie ones at TJ's)

                      ...more will come to mind...

                      1. Anything that doesn't require utensils - cut anything large into bites or sticks.

                        Dips make everything more interesting for little ones (ranch dip for veggies and chips; yogurt or cream cheese whipped with powdered sugar for fruit; marinara for meatballs or fried ravioli; ketchup and mustard for chicken nuggets; peanut butter for apple slices if there are no nut allergy issues - always check!)

                        Mini muffin cup liners are perfect individual-size dip containers.

                        The most important thing is to keep it simple and familiar. Just a couple of items alongside the cake is plenty.

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                          The August issue of Parents mag has some great ideas where they used farmers market finds

                        2. Thanks for all of the ideas! I think that we're going with mini meatballs, veggies with dip, fruit, zucchini mini muffins, rice krispy treats (I know, but the big kids like them) and of course cake.

                          1. I'm a little late here....aside from all the excellent suggestions - I have to mention cheese quesadillas always go over well around here, and keeping with the mini theme, mini ice cream sandwiches would be a nice (but again a bit messy) treat for kids and grown ups.

                            Most of all - make sure the camera is charged/has room on the card and relax and have fun! :)

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                            1. I'm late too...but my son's favorite treat for parties is little smokies (or any small sausage/hot dog) wrapped in canned crescent rolls--perfect sized pig in a blanket for small kids.

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                              1. another late response. I just attended a bd party for two of my great nieces last Saturday at the "Bounce House". Ages 2 through 5 were in attendance.

                                Seedless grapes (served by a parent while children were sitting), fresh cut up fruit (in paper cups) (I think it was cut up watermelon, cut up strawberries, and blueberries), Pizza (both cheese and pepperoni) (and they ate a LOT more than my niece expected ~~ she had to order about 3 more pizzas) and cake and ice cream.\

                                The kids are "party savvy". There was no candy or chips or cookies.