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Jul 10, 2008 05:29 PM

BLT Burger (Las Vegas)

Has anyone tried BLT Burger yet? Thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes, I checked it out on opening day. Good, not great. Didn't even have dijon mustard for the burger...hah, and they call themselves a high-end burger joint. Actually they had som dijon but it was in packets like ketchup.

      It wants to be Burger Bar (which is not so good anymore by the way), but perhaps I will go back and give it another chance when they get their act together. I had the angus burger....not as good as Inn & Out. Next time I'll try the Kobe.

      There are many better burgers in Vegas....including some, like Burger Stop, that are off the strip.

      Sweet potato fries were the best part of the meal.

      And for wagger: BLT Burger is in Las Vegas at The Mirage.

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        I was there on opening day as well - see my "So Many Burgers, So Little Time" post on this board for a little more detail, but in short, I pretty much agree with jjo1953.

        Also note that the burgers are "only" seven-ounce patties, and for some incredibly strange reason, they use shredded lettuce. (And if you want to order the BLT burger, ask what's in the "BLT sauce" that goes on it.)

      2. Wait a while before you go, they have serious kinks to work out and were really overwhelmed July 4th weekend, even when using only half the tables.

        Apart from that, the burgers weren't all that good. They were fine, decent, but nothing very special.

        1. Was just there Tuesday night. Place was jammin', I admit burgers took just over 25 minutes to arrive, however our server was on the ball! I have two younger children that were extremely hungry and ill mannered. Our server, Stephanie, kept our drinks filled and pre-occupied our children with some fries until our meal arrived. I am originally from Iowa, and I know my meat. Those were the best burgers I had ever tasted. Don't know what the last guy is talking about, "not as good as Inn & Out." PLLLLEEEEAAASE! Going back tonight before we leave for our last "ho-rah" hope Stephanie is there. Best burger and best service in Las Vegas!!! Thank you BLT.

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          1. re: CHAOS2675

            The burger I had on opening night truly wasn't as good as a 3x3 at Inn & Out. And I know meat too.
            However, I intend to go back to BLT to give it another shot....hopefully they've worked out the usual new-restaurant kinks.

            By the way, if you want the best burger in Las Vegas, it is unquestionably at Bradley Ogden in Caesar's Palace. It's so good, one group I dined with had it for kidding.

          2. I had the lamb burger with mint/cilantro sauce. I was on vacation in Las Vegas, so I lived it up. It was the best burger I ever had, but I don't know if it was worth $13. I certainly view the Paris lunch buffet a better deal for $17.99.