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Quick Eats Near Convention Center?

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Phila-area hound, and I'll be down there for a few days next week. What are some solid options in the blocks around the Hilton and Convention Center for each meal?

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  1. Chez Nous - Affordable French
    Ironworks - BBQ
    Moonshine - Texas Comfort Food in very old stone building.
    Fogo de Chao - Brazilian Meat
    Trio at Four Seasons or Shoreline next door, both for lake view dining.
    Las Manitas - Tex Mex

    Coming in for Netroots?

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    1. re: Paul Silver

      Indeed. Looking forward to it.

    2. Also, Koriente at 7th and Sabine is quite good. Their bubble teas can be too sweet, but their food is very natural and delicious.

      1. I offer up Habana and Dona Emilias for Cuban and South American food options. Awesome Mojitos at both spots.