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Jul 10, 2008 05:05 PM

New Grill in Valencia

I passed by a new place in the Target shopping center. I think it's called Kona Grill. I didn't look at the menu but the place looked pretty crowded. It's where Cousin's Burgers used to be. Has anyone tried it? I haven't seen any reviews or grand opening specials.

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  1. Passed by last night on a trip to Golden Spoon...I think it is called Kona Crisp. If it is it might be the Hawaiian BBQ place I have heard about from the South Bay area. I will drop by today and I am curious : )

    1. Stopped by this past weekend for lunch. The place was packed, so I did my errands and then returned when I was able to easily find a table. This place is worth checking out, and on its way to becoming part of the regular rotation.

      Its where Cousins Burgers used to be (in the strip mall where Target is) and they did a bit of remodeling inside to evoke an island feel, and I think they've done so nicely. The menu consists of different salads, sandwiches and barbecue.

      We ordered the Burger, a kalua pork sandwich and a side of sweet potato fries (you can make any sandwich a combo that includes fries and a drink for a lesser price then ordering separately.)

      You order at the counter, they give you a number and you wait for the food to be delivered while you are waiting. Sodas are serve yourself from the fountain - coke products, but with the iced tea being Tazo.. While we were being seated a gentleman came over (who I presume to be the owner) saying he was sorry for the wait, they were backed up in the kitchen, but have some homemade potato chips while you wait. He then set down a dish of still warm potato chips. They were great and I thought it was great that this man cared so much. In fact, he went around checking on other people who already had their food and apologized for the wait, and a young boy said - "well thats good, more people, more money" and the owner said, "Yes, but I want to keep them coming back" A nice touch in this day and age where nobody seems to care.

      A few minutes later, our food arrives and looks great. We only did one sandwich as a combo, and its a good thing we did, because there was a huge pile of sweet potato fries next to my burger!

      The burger was delicious and cooked so it was still pink in the middle Yeehah! Not many places do that anymore, so it made me very happy because I detest dried out burgers. It had that nice outer browness, a god beef flavor, and It came on a nice bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and thousand island - oh yeah, and onion, which I just removed, next time I'll remember to tell them to hold on the onion.

      The sweet potato fries are sprinkled with just a little bit of spiced sugar. This added a nice touch and didn't make them overly sweet which I was afraid of. My only complaint, some of them were too thin and cooked real crunchy, so you could not taste any sweet potato. Had I been blindfolded, I'm not sure I could have told you what type of fry they were. The thicker ones that weren't quite so done were great. I don't like the places where the sweet potato fries are limp.

      The kalua pork sandwich - I got a couple of bites and all I can say is Wow!. On the nice bun like the burger, nice juicy pork, not overly glopped up with sauce. Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner.

      The owner said the pork is his most popular sandwich and they smoke the pork themselves, The burger is made from chuck, because he wanted a quality product.

      Its nice to see that someone cares about the product he puts out and about his customers. We will definitely be back, want to try the milkshakes, buttermilk chicken, fish and shrimp. I hope they stick around for a long time.

      Their website isn't functioning right now, so I've added photos of their menu.