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Jul 10, 2008 04:27 PM

4 nice chicken thighs

I’m running out of ideas! I’m really scraping the barrel on the old budget, so chicken always seems to be the best buy.

This is what I’ve done in the few recent weeks:

-Baked, fried & BBQ chicken
-Teriyaki chicken
-Stir-fry chicken
-Chicken adobo
-Pancit w/chicken
-Chicken tacos, burritos & enchiladas
-Chicken noodle soup & chicken saimin
-Chicken and mushroom sauce
-Chicken sandwiches, both hot and cold
-And probably others I can’t remember

It would be great to get some alternative recommendations and some new recipes for my repertoire from those more imaginative than me. I’m by myself, and shop at a farmers market, so my produce is generally great.

I have a lot of spices, and other pantry items, so I can probably do most anything unless the ingredients are really exotic. Mostly I try to cook simple things, but am certainly up for a challenge too.

I’ve Googled to death, so it would be great to get your input.


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  1. Other than marinated and slowly grilled (off to side to cook thru and then crisped up over direct heat), my favorite use of the thighs (skinned- use skin to make make crunchies if you like) is in a crockpot. Bottom layer is a sliced onion, then chicken thigh salted and completely coated with good paprika, then layer of onion. Repeat as needed for quantity you have. Cook till you have a gooey paprika/onion sauce with melting tender thigh. Serve over egg noodles, rice, polenta....

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      Yeah, I like it best that way too. I've done that recently however. It seems I'm flustered with chicken! I've done it over noodles and rice. Tasty, no doubt. Thanks for the response!

      1. re: torty

        torty- how many hours would you say? and on low or high?

      2. How about 5 ingredient chicken...dijon mustard, curry powder, dried sage and maple combine those, pour over chicken thighs, (you'll need to baste every 15 mins), bake for 40 minutes, uncovered...really awesome! Will give you exact measurements if you think you're interested.

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          Interesting. That is a combo of marinade I have not had. Sound good! Absolutely, post the recipe if you don't mind. What do you serve the chicken with, or over? Thanks.

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            Is that a marinade and also a baste? To marinate in that overnight sounds delicious. I think I'll do it tonight. At what temp do you bake your thighs? I always do mine at 350 for an hour.

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              Here's the deal...the recipe does not call for any marinating..just roasting with the sauce:

              1/4 cup Dijon mustard, thinned with 3 Tablespoons water
              2/3 cup maple syrup (I use Grade B)
              2 teaspoons rubbed sage or ground sage
              2 teaspoons curry powder
              6 chicken thighs (bone-in works best, in my opinion, and I always always remove the skin and fat)

              In a small saucepan, add all ingredients except chicken. Stir til sage and curry powder are well-blended. Place chicken thighs in a casserole or baking dish that crowds the chicken a little. (My ideal vessel is my Corningware 8x8x2 inch ceramic dish...and I do line it with foil due to the sugar content from the maple beautifully everytime!) Pour the mustard sauce over the chicken pieces and turn them to in oven preheated to 425 degrees. Bake for about 45 to 50 minutes, uncovered, and BASTING every 15 minutes. Delicious over basmati rice...if the sauce separates, just discard any fat and then just use the sauce for the chicken and rice. **Note: I have never marinated this in the sauce...but why not? You could certainly do that and then just use the sauce in the oven since it cooks, it will be safe.** We love this enough to NOT make it too often lest we tire of it--very unlikely "cast of characters" but they do work together in a most yummy way!

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                Cool, I'll try that tomorrow then for lunch or dinner. I have all the ingredients. I'm just finishing off some leftover meatloaf today and went shopping earlier for the week.

                It's amazing how you go to get a couple things and end up spending $80 at the store...

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                  Sounds great. Great recipe and thanks for the input and instructions. I will also try it soon.


              Try this one for a warm summer evening it's great. Even though the recipe calls for breast, I use whatever I have. I also add some chopped cabbage and cilantro. Delicious!!

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                Very cool salad recipe. It looks good. Thanks!

              2. I also wanted to add. I know how you feel about the budget crunching. This is a really inexpensive meal and can feed alot. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with meals to feed 6 that don't empty the wallet at the same time.

                1. Chicken thighs work great in coq au vin and chicken paprika. Any kind of stew works well that you braise. Oven fried chicken is an easy favorie--doctor it up w/ different types of herbs and crumbs. You can always do a roulette by deboning and fill w/ whatever you have handy, pesto; ham and cheese, stuffing; pan fry and bake.

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                  1. re: chowser

                    I love the idea of a fill of "w/whatever/." That's the kind of guy I am, Thanks. Will take the idea and run!