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Jul 10, 2008 04:18 PM

Lisa's Lobster?

Is Lisa's Lobster still open on Georgetown Island, ME or is it gone? Did something replace it?

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  1. Hi gazpacho,
    Sadly, Lisa's no more but the good news is that it's now Sarah's Dockside and owned by the same great lady who owns Sarah's Cafe in Wiscasset, It's being run by two of her sons and they're still doing it right in what is one of the most stunning seafood shack location in Maine.
    Here's the link;


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      It's so nice to see you back Harp. We've missed you so.

      1. re: othervoice

        If you've never been to Lisa/Sarah's you really should. It's a trip, literally.
        The last stage of the directions is to turn right onto "Moore's Turnpike". Ya, right! This is a little inside joke by the locals. Moore's Turnpike is nothing more than a single-track dirt road.You know, the kind with a strip of grass running down its center. As it tumbles towards the cove you can't see very far in front of you until, all of a sudden the craggy vista of Gott's Cove & the Shack suddenly expands in front of you. BYOB is the way to go and it's very kid friendly and perfect. Go!

        BTW, your words are too kind!
        Could you put that in writing for my DW?
        It couldn't hurt.

        All the best,
        Harp00n / Gene

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          Thank you SO much for this tip! we are renting a place for a week on Georgetown and I know about the Robinhood Meetinghouse and Five Islands. I had heard about Lisa's and now thanks to you I know about Sarah's Dockside. Any more tips for the area??

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            Hey Pass,
            How are you?
            I see from another posting that you finally took the plunge or splurge at the Robinhood Free Meetinghouse. It's as good or better than anything north of Boston, period. Back to the post at hand, I'm sure you've been here. I love bringing newbies here for the wow-factor and the food,

            Buenos noches,

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              No I haven't been to Lisa's. We eat lobster downeast. The further up Rt 1, the cheaper(Ruth & Wimpies has a $9.95 lobster and corn special, but no view.). We have our own beauty in The Tidal Falls Restaurant. On the 19th, however, I'm driving to NYC w/ Number 2 Son to pick up Most Honorable Number 1 Son and pregnant Korean wife. If the timing is right, I think we'll stop at Lisa's, I've already looked at the directions. When we first came to Maine in '86, we spent the summer in Georgetown and used to eat at 5 Island's a lot. Two weeks ago we found the beauty of the Fat Boy's Drive In 6 buck lobster roll, 5 buck crab roll and the Lotaburger and Buck Naked BBQ.
              Had a rough Kayak tour yesterday, (been paddling my ass off around
              the 4th influx of tourists) the wind shifted and stiffened from SW to NW while I was in the middle of Blue Hill Bay and I had to tow a tandem w/ a very very large women in the forward cockpit a mile or so against high wind and heavy seas. I changed plans and beat it back, surfing 3-4 ft waves (incoming tide), praying no one would roll over. Whew. Shoulders sore today.
              We're heading to the North Atlantic Blues Festival this weekend are you? If so stop the WERU booth and say hi.
              We were given a beautiful 5 year old female Choco Lab by one of my students that was moving. Back in Doggie Land again. Gotta go take her for a walk.
              Chow (sic),