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Jul 10, 2008 04:14 PM

Which one would you pick for lunch in south beach?

Which one would you pick for lunch and why..?



The nexxt cafe.

A la folie cafe.



Fratelli la bufala.

Van dyke cafe.

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  1. pelican. one of the few not offering a half price lunch. everything we had at lunch, whether breakfast food (french toast) or lunch (salads etal), was excellent. I was very surprised that such a good lunch was found amoung all the tourist type of places. don't know of the places you ask about.

    1. I'll tell you which I would NOT pick, Van Dyke or Pascha's.

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        Eliminate Pasha's, Nexxt and Van Dyke. I'm a fan of Spris.

      2. I'd would skip all of them and go somewhere off the beach, like Gourmet Diner in North Miami. The money you save in parking alone would likely pay for half your meal.

        1. If you are limited to the above choices, Spris. By a long shot. Nexxt is way mediocre, as is Van Dyke cafe. Spris pizzas are very good, as are their paninis. If you aren't limited to the above, it depends on your budget. I've had good eats at Big Pink, which I would categorize as "low end", and I've also gone high end and had a great lunch at Quattro. In between is Ice Box and, yes, the food at the Pelican is really good as well. Although last time I was at the Pelican for lunch, I got hassled by a panhandler. What the hell happened to Ocean Drive? I've had great breakfasts at The Front Porch, but not had lunch there. Could be another option if their lunches are anything like their breakfast.

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            Hi Rondo... I am not limited to those choices... I have never been to south beach before... this will be my first time.. so I was just looking for a great spot to have lunch... If you have any more suggestions please feel free to share... I am openminded. Thanks.

          2. Spris has great paninis and pizzas.