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Jul 10, 2008 03:35 PM

Carroll Gardens Chinese

Searched and searched for an answer to this, but no joy. Anyone know of decent Chinese food in the vicinity of Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill? Every place in the neighborhood seems to be just a new level of greasy hell. At this point, I'll schlep to the Slope or Brooklyn heights if it just means a decent meal.

And just to throw a wrinkle into it, my wife spent 18 years living in London, so most of the Chinese restaurants in the U.S. are no-go for her palette.

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  1. Nope... sadly, there is no decent chinese food in the neighborhood. Hunan Delight on Union Street in Park Slope is okay and delivers to us on Clinton/President in Carroll Gardens. It's not great, but it's much better than anything in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill and is fresh and quick.

    For a dumpling fix, Eton is very good. It just opened last week and has been discussed on the board a lot.

    1. A search of the board will yield multiple threads on this topic. Needless to say, the pickings are slim. I used to order from one of a couple places in Park Slope but nowadays I just hop on the F train 3 stops to chinatown.

      As for your wife's london palette, it could be a good thing or a bad thing.... depending on what part of london she was in ; )

      1. it's definitely not the neighborhood's strong suit, that's for sure.

        that being said, for less greasy, more tasty delivery (i ate in once and it was fine and fast, but no atmosphere to write home about) - my go to is szechuan garden on smith between warren and wyckoff. (their number is 718.643.0388). used to order occasionally from andys/lichee nut on montague, but find this to be a considerable step above.

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          Szechuan Garden is one of the most reliable.

          Also, Chance, for dim sum, etc.

        2. Usually order from Faan (Asian Fusion) on Smith/Baltic... It's OK, but this is not exactly a recommendation. Chance is very good, but also Asian Fusion and a bit more pricey. In Brooklyn Heights, Fortune House offers a more traditional Chinese/New York experience. But the best bet is probably the F train to East Broadway. Good Thai and Japanese in CG, but we could sure use some good classic Chinese food.

          1. Another vote for Szechuan Garden. We've been very happy with it 80% of the time.