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Jul 10, 2008 02:56 PM

Speed's, my first time

I finally made it to Speed’s today after months of reading the rave reviews from the other hounds.

The trip was worth it and to borrow from the film Pulp Fiction, “Mmmm, that is one tasty hot dog.” I got my dog as recommended --- fully loaded --- with homemade mustard, fruit-based relish, BBQ sauce, and chili; and onions. The dog was served split down the middle on a toasted bun, with the toppings filling in the split.

The [new] dog was very tasty; it was about a foot long and comparable to a kielbasa dimension-wise. I’ve had Pearl, the previous brand on my own and just found it to be o.k. The new dogs were really good and I’m glad I got the new brand for my first time there. I thought the fruit-based relish was a nice touch versus the traditional pickle relish; it made a good counterpoint to the mustard, BBQ sauce, and onions.

The guy working the cart, not Speed, was a good guy and we talked a bit. He seemed surprised that I came in from Framingham just to have a dog. He told me that Speed’s
has been talked about a lot on the net lately and asked me where I heard of them. Of course I said Chowhound without hesitation. He even gave me directions from the Pike which lead right to him, so I don’t have to deal with 93 traffic again (which is the way I came).

Would I go back? Definitely yes. Places like Speed’s are what great road food is all about.

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  1. Welcome to the club! now you have another excuse to come to town!

    I'm real happy I work nearby.

    1. SLL, can you give the pike directions for the rest of us coming in from the west? Thanks.

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      1. re: ItalyFan

        O.k. here are directions from the Pike. I did read them back to the guy to make sure I got them right.

        MA Pike
        to: 93S exit
        to: Mass Ave exit (1st right)

        If there are any holes in the directions, please feel free to correct them. I'm only reporting what the guy told me. I have no knowledge whatsoever of Southie.

        1. re: SLL1065

          You probably don't want to end those directions right there or keep going straight from that exit.

          Mass Ave exit towards Mass Ave, left at the lights, then stay to the right continue straight for about 1/4 mile, take a left after Victoria Diner and follow road around, you'll be lookin right at it.

          1. re: Wursthof

            BTW, it's a right turn at the lights at the end of the exit, then a left at the lights onto Mass Ave.

      2. I finally made it out there, the addition of the Saturday hours made it possible! :)

        Greg was working the cart, had about a half dozen folks in front of me - the two directly in front were really chatting him up. We each had the dogs w/ everything and oh boy was it awesome. He was really nice too, asking everyone how things were when they finished, chatting with the folks (mostly answering questions), etc.

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        1. re: jgg13

          Hey I was there on Saturday too. Ran into a guy who was visiting from New Bedford and read about Speed's in the WSJ.

          New dog is excellent, like a Hebrew National on steroids. Only mustard and relish - not really fan of the sweet toppings on regular hot dogs, but it is entirely necessary to counteract the heft of the Speed's dog. GF had hers with chili and onions - yum!

          Also, stopped off at DJ's Market (I think that's the name) the "other" Polish market in Andrew Square, the one with the cheap kielbasa sandwiches at the back? They also bake fresh every Saturday - Paczki (Polish jelly doughnuts) and this poppy sead loaf - the bread is rolled around the filling so it looks like a flattened spiral - anyway, that thing is delish! And just around the corner from Speed's.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I was there at the same time as you Bob. The guy from New Bedford ordered his dog right after I was served mine. Delicious, as always.

            I brought a friend who was visiting from DC and she couldn't get over how such a good dog could from a little cart in a dingy parking lot.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              No way jose ... I'd not do that! I forgot about them - if it is the ocuple I'm thinking of they were eating over on the side window, the Benz guy took over that spot when they left. We each had a full one w/ everything. I was probably just a couple of people behind you then, assuming you hadn't left before I got there, I was the one w/ the black shirt behind the dude in the blue shirt dude.

              Hats would definitely be easier.

        2. I also had my first Speed's Dog this past Saturday!

          I was not disappointed at all. I ordered it loaded as recommended and all the toppings and the Dog itself was pretty close to flawless. I brought a friend who was in town from Toronto and he said it is by far the best hot dog he has ever had.

          I was also surprised at how easy it was to walk there from Andrew Station, which basically means that I need to make a weekly Saturday visit from now on.

          1. What's the best way to make my pilgrimage using subway and foot?

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            1. re: twitchology

              Hi twitch! Just a suggestion (I know you're new to Boston) - if you don't find a "Places" link in a thread, go to the Places board and do a search - Many of us take the T various places and will add walking directions on the Places links, including Speeds. Can also take #10 bus from Andrew or Copley. Also, T website has a decent "planner" - just double-check (try different times; look at the map) as they make mistakes. For instance, ambiguous information on T site abt whether CT3 actually STOPS by Speeds. Have fun!

              Speed's Hotdog Wagon
              54 Newmarket Square, Boston, MA 02118

              1. re: twitchology

                I take the Red Line to Andrews Sq..and walk over the xpwy..past South Bay and into Newmarket SQ..20 min walk or so. It has the advantage of being able to hit some of the Polish Mkts in Andrew Sq.

                I know there is a bus that gets you closer..but I'm not as "bus savvy" as others.

                1. re: twitchology

                  I take the #1 bus to BU Med and walk the 10-15 mins from there.