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Jul 10, 2008 02:41 PM

Dosa Dosa??????????????

Driving along the Danforth today,somewhere just before Dawes Rd. and I noticed signs for a new place opening called Dosa Dosa. On closer inspection, it is attached to a Pizza Pizza outlet. Am I the only one that finds this scary? I started thinking of the possibilites "Roti Roti" "Jerk Jerk" "Shwarma Shwarma". Its endless(and frightening)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I shall stick to Sidhartha on Gerrard to satisfy my Dosa craving for the time being!

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  1. It just seems to share a building with the Pizza Pizza as far as I can see. It seems very clean and the prices were cheap. I'll check it out this week and report back.

    1. That's the spot where Pizza Pizza test-marketed its "Chicken Chicken" concept a few years ago. (It failed, although the sweet potato fries were decent.) Because it's a shared space (unless they've renovated) with different cash counters and no walls, I'd guess it is a Pizza Pizza experiment - though the area is mostly home to Bengali/Pakistani spots. Will definitely keep an eye out for the opening.

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        I can't imagine PP is going to test the dhosa market. More likely that some start-up is riffing on the PP thing.

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          OK, checked out Dosa Dosa last night. I had a Masala Dosa and Vada with yogurt. The vada was two largish vadas in a warm yogurt mixed with fresh coriander and grated carrot. Tasty but a bit pricey at $4.99 when the dosa was only $3.99. The dosa was on the smallish size, not too greasy and the filling was good. The dosa was accompianed by a small bowl of Sambar and a another small bowl of a runny coconut dip. This wasn't like the dry Sambal that I'm used to in Sri Lanka restaurants. Nothing wrong with it but it didn't have the same bite.

          They also have a Bangladeshi special of the day which leads me to believe
          the ownership is from there and not South Indian or Sri Lankan. Upon chatting with the manager, who inquired about our meal, it seems they are affiliated with Pizza PIzza in some way, and that this is a pilot project.

          Anyway, I wouldn't drive across town for it, but it's cheap and local for me.


          1. re: mariecollins

            It's interesting that dhosa is perceived as Sri Lankan here. I've been all over Sri Lanka, but only found one place in Colombo where I could find a dhosa. It was expensive and mediocre.
            It's really a South Indian thing. Sri Lanka is all about rice and curry. Insanely spicy curry.

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