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Jul 10, 2008 02:19 PM

Favorite sit-down Vietnamese in DC/VA/MD?

Hello All -

I am looking for rec's for a sit down Vietnamese restaurant in the DC/VA/MD area for this weekend. My group of 3-4 needs a place that has excellent entrees (not a night for just pho), an atmosphere that allows for a leisurely meal (no lingering, but we'd like to catch up over dinner), and nice ambience. Cost is not an option, within reason (anything under $25 for entrees is OK). I have only been to one Vietnamese restaurant in the area on King St. in Old Town many, many years ago when I was in high school, so I don't know where to start.

I assume Eden Center has some good options, but last time I went there we were just overwhelmed by the choices and I'd like a solid bet for this get together (rather than an experiment!).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions --

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  1. Probably the best place for what you're describing is Hong Que/Four Sisters Restaurant. They are moving from Eden Center to Merrifield, though I haven't yet figured out if the move is complete yet. While it is not the most authentic Vietnamese, I think for the type of ambiance you're looking for, it might fit the bill.

    You could also try Minh's on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington. It's Metro-accessible and has a nice atmosphere. As I recall, the food was decent, though I haven't been in a while.

    1. I'd suggest Minhs, between Clarendon and Courthouse in Arlington. Great food, looks a little fancy (but isn't), quiet. I like whatever fish is on special and the grilled pork North Vietnamese style.

      1. The overall quality at Nam Viet in Clarendon gets my vote. Here is a list of varied, excellent dishes:
        lemongrass pork, spring rolls, and funny noodles
        vietnamese steak
        grilled grape leaves, stuffed with beef
        soft shell crab
        roast quail
        yellow noodles with vegetables, shrimp, chicken and beef
        hue spicy beef noodle soup
        vegetarian dumpling soup
        cashew tofu

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        1. re: Steve

          Second Nam Viet - especially the Clarendon location.

          Add the curried squid entree to Steve's list as well as the sweet and spicy salmon soup (cup) as an appetizer.

          1. re: Steve

            Gah! How could I have forgotten Nam Viet? Really good staff there too, IIRC.

          2. I really enjoy Miss Saigon on M Street. The best items on the menu are cooked in a clay pot with caramel sauce - the chicken and the sea bass are both delicious.

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              for an option within DC proper Miss Saigon is prob. the best. but that's within DC.

            2. Another vote for Minh's on Clarendon. Last I had heard, the Four Sisters was moving right about this week, so that may be in flux.