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Are there places in the US that serve lungs?

If so, what are they...cuz I heard that lungs were prohibited in the US by the FDA--is that true? And also, how are lungs best prepared and what should they taste like??

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  1. Plenty of dim sum places serve lungs.

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      Check out Incanto in SF. They are known for an "offal" lot of animal parts. Sorry, I couldn't control myself.....

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        That joke, was, of course, "offal". Shame on you.

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        I've also had lung at dim sum in NYC. Really not to my taste.

      3. On a side note: Spanish for cow lungs is "bofe"

        ( http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/SrvltConsu... )

        I google bofe and all I get is ... Bank of England.

        1. I buy smoked lung ("bofe") in my supermarket. I usually simmer in an adobo or teriyaki based liquid and serve with rice.

          1. I thought commercial consumption of lungs is illegal in the US.

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              Out of curiousity, why do you think that? You may very well be right, but googling doesn't turn anything obvious up for me and I often saw lungs for sale in butcher shops in the US as well as in Chinese restaurants.

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                There is a Filipino dish called bopis that my grandfather used to make in the 70s and 80s. In trying to recreate the dish, I came across several websites that told me that it is illegal to sell lungs in the U.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offal#USA Same reason fuqi feipian is made with tongue and tripe instead of lungs stateside.

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                  Just the other day I watched an episode of Bourdain's "Cook's Tour" from Scotland, and he mentioned that you can't get "real haggis" in the US because lung is illegal.

                  That's all I got.

              2. My old Italian friend also said that years ago he could simply go to the market and buy sheep lung (he used it as part of sausage making), but today they banned it (this in Canada).
                He only had lung when buying a whole animal at an abbatoir.

                But I see pork lung in the Italian grocery nowadays, so I don't know what gives....

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                  Saw pork lung and and a mess of other innards packaged and for sale across from the butcher's counter at the Dufferin Mall No Frills here in Toronto.

                2. Re. prohibition of cow lung sales for human consumption:
                  Could it be a preventive measure against "mad cow disease".

                  "Except for Islamic halal and Jewish kosher slaughter (which involve slitting the cow's throat while the animal is still conscious), cattle slaughtered in the United States are first stunned unconscious with an impact to the head before being bled to death. Medical science has known for over 60 years that people suffering head trauma can end up with bits of brain embolized into their bloodstream; so Texas A&M researchers wondered if fragments of brain could be found within the bodies of cattle stunned for slaughter. They checked and reportedly exclaimed, "Oh, boy did we find it."[24] They even found a 14 cm piece of brain in one cow's lung. They concluded, "It is likely that prion proteins are found throughout the bodies of animals stunned for slaughter."[25]


                  1. Lungs show up in several types of Mexican eateries in the States. Real Carnitas places like Carnitas Uruapan in East L.A... cook up the entire hog... and I mean the ENTIRE hog including the anus (known as Manzana). As Ric Rios mentioned you will find as Bofe.

                    Taquerias manned by people that know what they are doing, will also offer up Tacos de Bofe as scribbled specials. If you have some decent Taquerias in the area... it doesn't hurt to ask... one of my favorite places in East L.A. regularly special ordered Sweet Breads for me.

                    If you get lungs from a Carnitas place.. they will be deep fried.. can't go wrong that way. Some taqueros will slow cook them first, then crisp them up on a griddle. Others will just keep them low & slow with moist heat.

                    1. Well, many times it will be made with heart, but sometimes you get lucky and 夫妻肺片 (fu qi fei pian, or "Married Couple's Lung Slices") will actually be made with lung. Illegal or not, it's available -- you can get it for the asking in Asian markets.

                      1. This week I found some nice fresh bofe in a regular grocery store in Buenos Aires and used it to make a lovely German lung soup that will be appearing in Jennifer MacLagan's next cookbook, to be launched next month. I can't get it in Canada though. I wanted to make haggis on Robbie Burns Day and was able to get everything I needed from a butcher at Danforth and Pape. The butcher showed me the pluck but said he couldn't sell me the lung. I wonder if I could have bought if if I'd decldared that it was for my dogs! No idea why it's illegal. Perhaps because it spoils easily? I bought my bofe on the 15th, packed that day, and its fecha de vencimiento was the 16th.