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Jul 10, 2008 02:01 PM

Cold Sesame Noodles

I'm trying to hunt down for some good ol' chinese cold sesame noodles in east bay or in SF? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most Sichuan style restaurants should have it. I've only tried the Little Sichuan branch in Fremont, and it is very good. The noodle portion is huge and the sauce is very good.

    1. Are you looking for a particular style? I haven't found a great Taiwanese cold noodle, like the kind you find in to go boxes at breakfast places.

      However, if a more peanuty/spicy version is up your alley, Z&Y in Chinatown has a nice version. You have to like thick noodles and a sauce that's more on the dry side though.

      Z & Y
      655 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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        Little Sichuan Express - CLOSED, moved to Newark
        34420 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA

        Z & Y
        655 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

      2. Vin Pearl in Dublin has their House Noodles. It had shrimp, chicken, fried egg strips, noodles, cilantro, with a very nice peanut sauce.

        If you don't mind it coming out warm, Sichuan Fortune House in Pleasant Hill has a couple of versions - Dan Dan noodles and another one that I can't remember the name of.

        1. San Tung at about 11&th & Irving makes a great version. It is served warm but it chills very well.