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Jul 10, 2008 01:59 PM

Stl with kids

Just found out we are headed to St. Louis for the weekend, staying in Creve Couer. We'll have our two kids (they're 1 but know how to sit quietly in high chairs). I'm not looking for "kid restaurants" as the kids are too young to really care. I'm looking for suggestions for good meals for my husband and I at restaurants that will tolerate our kids.

I'd also love to hear activity suggestions, the zoo is already on our list.


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  1. If you are not opposed to family sports bars, Ozzie's in Westport is generally very family friendly earlier in the evening.

    I would recommend Grant's Farm down on the Southside of St. Louis. You need to call for reservations which are free.

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      No reservations necessary at Grant's Farm anymore... Just show up (earlier the better in terms of the wait though)

      If you find yourself at Grant's Farm- you can try Roberto's Trattoria in Concord Plaza- it's only a couple minutes from Grant's Farm. Of course you should get a couple free adult beverages from the Hospitality House and have a nice juicy bratwurst with sauerkraut while you are at Grant's Farm

      There's a Fortel's Pizza Den in the Creve Coeur area now. The pizza's good, I think - not your typical St. Louis style pizza.

      If you want to try our local "specialty" , try to find a Culpeppers or Imo's pizza and get a pizza, some toasted ravioli and a cold beer.

      If you head to the zoo, take a short detour south and go to Mom's Deli for some sub sandwiches or a shorter detour and grab something on the Hill from a deli- Amighetti's is good (in my opinion) but other folks on here have said they don't care for it.

      The Missouri Botanical Gardens are gorgeous with a knock-out sculpture display right now. There's an incredible children's garden too (your kiddos might be a little young for it yet.)
      Nearby restaurants include ANYTHING on South Grand- we like the City Diner for a fun atmosphere, good food and quick service. You are also not terribly far from the Soulard area there.

      A future visit with slightly older children would mean a fun time at the Magic House (and a restaurant visit to Cicero's in Webster or Dewey's Pizza in Kirkwood) or a great time at the City Museum and a subsequent restaurant visit to someplace in the Downtown area (Rooster's for breakfast/brunch, Crown Candy for lunch/dinner/ dessert.)

      Have a great trip!!!!

      1. re: lrstl

        Wow. Thanks so much for your recommendations. I'm taking a print out of your message with us!

    2. I'd say that most moderately-priced places in St. Louis are kid-friendly. What kind of food are you most interested in?
      I'd second the recommendation of hitting the Botanical Garden (always beautiful!), then going to The Hill, which is nearby. Get the Amighetti's Special sandwich at Amighetti's---best sandwich you'll ever eat. VERY kid-friendly, and there is usually a jazz band playing there at lunchtime on Saturdays (perhaps at other times as well, that's when we've caught them).

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        I will third the rec re. the Botanical Garden. We live a mile or so away--when my kids were little we visited every week. The restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, but there is a lovely terrace (with high chairs) where you can have some lunch.
        My suggestion is to bring along a change of clothes for the kids, and shoes they can get wet. My kids loved walking into the fountains. Check out the beaver fountain in front of the home garden center building. A perfect spot to stop and sit.
        Have a great visit. p.j. .

        1. re: p.j.

          feed the koi in the Japanese garden if you go.

          1. re: p.j.

            Make that the raccoon fountain!
            Did you make it there, Margieab?

        2. I'm going to second Grant's Farm as super fun for kids, even smaller ones.

          Also ditto Fortel's and Roberto's