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Jul 10, 2008 01:59 PM

Bristol Farms Bakery counter: good?

I went into Bristol Farms for the first time today. Everything at the bakery counter looked amazing? Is it? Anything in particular worth getting?

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  1. I haven't had anything from there in a very long time, but the only thing worth getting there is bread. I have been consistently disappointed by any of the gorgeous looking bakery goods I've purchased. They do a decent job on bread, though. Note: I'm basing this on the Long Beach store.

    1. I used to get the rugguleh all the time (at Beverly Blvd Doheny store) but its gone downhill. They stopped putting enough of the sugar topping and jam into the mix. I've complained to the manager but they changed bakers and didn't see to care too much. The cookies are good if you want to pick something from the counter - I usually stick with chocolate toffee, snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin.

      1. Some of their items are good...just good...such as their chocolate mousse cake and their fruit tart. I just noticed today that Bristol was ranked as the having the "Best Cupcakes" in the OC by the Register...I am not a cupcake fan, but the strawberry and red velvet looked very good! Their breads on the other hand are usually very good...such as the baguettes and foccacia...and they usually have Poulain from Paris on most days.

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          Agree, Bristol Farm's baguettes are pretty good

        2. Like CynD I have been pretty consistently disappointed by the good-looking stuff at Bristol. I'm not a particularly big fan of their breads either--they'll do in a pinch but I think Breadbar is consistently better (albeit at a higher price point), and for the most part we are more consistently satisfied by the breads at Gelsons as well (both the Gelsons house breads and the Victor Benes rye breads and challahs). I do like a few things at the Bristol bakery, but they tend to be the homelier items--the giant chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, the sugar cookies, stuff like that. Have never tried their cupcakes that I can remember, so perhaps the OC Register recommendation TravelPath mentions is worth checking out.

          1. I haven't tried much except their cappuccino chocolate chip muffins, and those are AMAZING.