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Jul 10, 2008 01:53 PM

Best time to go to DiFiaras and pizza recommendation

I have off all next week and want to finally check this place out.

I'm thinking Tuesday at about 2PM. You think I'll have a long wait.

What pie does everyone recommend? The Square or Round? And what toppings??


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  1. Mid-week, mid-day, you should not have any trouble...but you never know. Get a square pie with nothing on it. Taste the 3 cheeses and great sauce on that amazing crust. Next time get a garlic pie, minimal, but quite effective. If you load up with too many toppings it will get soggy and gloppy and no fun. For maximum taste and un-soggyness just stick with a straight pie. Heed these instructions, O seeker. Hail Dom batman jesus dimarco.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      the man knows what he's talking about! :-)

    2. You've got it covered. Regular pie or regular pie with garlic (my favorite when toppings are involved.) If you do square, then follow NYJewboy's advice.

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      1. re: JFores

        Any place nearby (park, garden, bench) you can suggest to take the pie to eat?

        1. re: JFores

          how much is a square pie, and how many will it feed?

          1. re: janie

            $25 and it would feed two people to bursting and three people to pleased.

            If you don't want to eat the pizza there, you'll have a bit of a walk to any place to eat it. Benches on Ocean Pkwy? That's a walk though.

            BTW, today I had a divine garlic pie there. Dom randomly closed between about 3:15pm and 5:30pm without explanation. I went back later, ordered my pie at the window as the line started going in, and got my pie before a whole lot of people (except those who called in), including a guy who threw a fit that he was at the front of the "line" and a woman who insisted the same thing. Owned? I think so. And wow was it a good garlic pie.

            1. re: JFores

              I think those may be some large folks because I think a square pie will probably feed 3 to bursting

              1. re: JFores

                The best time to go is when Jfores and NYJewboy aren't there. ;-)

                And I couldn't finish a square pie with 2 people so I think it could probably feed 3 to close to bursting.

                1. re: dark knight

                  I know that no one will believe me, but I will say it anyway. I can almost eat a square pie by myself. I get down to 1-2 slices from it each time. Then I go to the emergency room. Great fun.

                  1. re: dark knight

                    If leftovers, Would it possibly heat up in the oven for lunch the next day, or no way?

                    1. re: janie

                      Yeah, but it's way better the day of. Same goes for the regular pie.

                      1. re: janie

                        I cannot abide by leftover DiFara slices. Re-heated sog is a no-go.

                        1. re: NYJewboy

                          Yeah I once got a pie from Difara's and brought it back to Manhattan via the subway, then had to wait for my girlfriend to get back. The subway ride was a bit over an hour then the wait for my girlfriend was another 45 minutes or so. It was still good, but it wasn't truly amazing like it will be if you eat it there.

                        2. re: janie

                          I thoroughly enjoyed my leftover slices from a square with pepperoni - room temp for breakfast the next day.

                          1. re: janie

                            The square pie reheats really well, in a big jelly roll pan at about 375. Almost as good as day of, if you ask me. But the round slices don't reheat. They get kind of dried out and lose much of their zip.

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                    1. hey, dosteov,
                      did you ever make it to difara's? if so, what did you think?

                      1. Friday after sundown is a good time to go if you need parking. So is Saturday. I also recommend the square pie with artichokes. I had it once and still dream about it. He uses fresh artichokes, not canned.