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Jul 10, 2008 01:50 PM

gatlinburg, tn: seeking recent recommendations

hi y'all-

my partner and i are headed to gatlinburg for a conference next week, and i've searched the boards for ideas. many threads seem to be pretty old, so i thought i would throw a request for recent recommendations out there, especially breakfasts (biscuits and gravy!) and dinners. we don't need fine dining and are more than happy to try something off the beaten path. chain restaurants are ok, too, if they are the best option.

thanks in advance for your response!

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  1. AppFor breakfast, go to the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant in Sevierville. It's about 4 miles from Gatlinburg, and they have breakfasts that the New York Times once said is worth the trip all by itself. You'll likely have to wait in line.

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      I agree with Bob. This is the place. I just returned from TN. We have lunch there every year as we travel to TN. At lunch you are served warm apple fritters and applebutter as soon as you are seated. After you order you are served a litttle cocktail~Apple, pineapple and a hint of lemon juice on the rocks. This is all complimentary. SOOOO.... good. I always buy thier Chow-chow, applebutter, canned apples, and lots of other good stuff from thier bakery. You can't go wrong here. haven't had breakfast there. But I bet it is just as good as lunch. Let us know if you try it and how you liked it.

    2. I will be renting a cabin with my SO in Gatlinburg for the week between Christmas and New Years. Are they any suggestions for the winter season?