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Jul 10, 2008 01:30 PM

Edmonton Knife Sharpening

Where is a good place to get my knives sharpened? I have Wustof's.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. can't help you on your wustofs, but every once in a while- Call the Kettle Black brings in some guy from henckels who sharpens "up to 3 knives free"- maybe you can sneak in one of your wustofs

    1. I would suggest you call the culinary school at NAIT and ask for a reccommendation. I remember seeing a mobile knife sharpening truck outside the restaurant there.

      1. Chris Boese at The Perfect Edge Mobile Knife Sharpening
        1-866-652-9696 or email

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        1. re: heavenstobetsy


          Have you used his services with your own knives? Do not mean to imply that there is anything wrong with him whatsoever but have heard some "horror stories" about for example, Knifex chewing up good blades.

          I too would be interested in using his services if he is good.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            I used to use him @ work. I assume they continue to use him, I am no longer working there. He was certainly capable of taking care of the blades that took a beating in an institutional kitchen.....blades that were routinely subjected to a commercial dishwasher, an inhospitable knife drawer and the kind of wear and tear that comes from constant use. As for my personal knives, I take care of them myself. My suggestion, try one and see. Be aware, he is a former Knifex franchisee.

        2. I was at Condon Barr Restaurant Suppliers yesterday and noticed they have knife sharpening. I asked about it and was told it was a machine, so I'm not sure if you want to trust your knives to that or not...but it was cheap.

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          1. re: ihatepickyeaters

            I use Sherwood Sharp in Sherwood Park. Never had a problem.

            1. re: foodiesnorth

              I reckon that if you are trying to find a person to sharpen your knives you should choose carefully. Ask questions like: Do you use a machine or do you sharpen by hand on waterstones? What angle will the knives be sharpened? If you have Japanese knives you should ask if they have experience with Japanese knives.

              Machines like belt sanders often remove a lot of steel. Your knives may be noticable smaller. Pull through machines if used poorly may cahnge the shape of the blade and make the knife less usable. Both types of power sharpening have the potential to really screw up your knives.

              I would reccomend waterstone sharpening by a skilled sharpener. Waterstones remove very little steel to make a sharp knife. This is how knives are sharpened at the workshop or factory where they are made. It also takes a bit of skill.

              European and NorthAmerican made knives are sharpened to 22.5 degrees on each side and the blade should pepolished on a stone no finer than 1200 grit. Japenese knives should be sharpened to 15 degrees or even less and polished on waterstones reaching 8000 grit. A much bigger and more precise job.

              If you like your knives do your research.

              I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone who sharpens in Edmonton. Maybe ask a chef if he knows a skilled sharpener.

              1. re: knifeguy

                Thanks to all...and especially kniveguy for the detail. I would prefer to find someplace that does hand sharpening, but so far haven't.

                1. re: golfer1


                  I have friends who are in the "industry" and I "suspect" that they use the person that heavenstobetsy recommended.

                  As a result, I presume they are machine sharpened and not what, and I agree with, knifeguy recommended.

                  I asked because I have a few that I want sharpened and they have lauded the work done by the person they give their knives to.

                  If I go that route, I will let you know. Right now I use my own sharpening stone and the steel.

                  I also have a kyocera [sp?] blade that my brother-in-law brought back from Japan that I use for vegetables which is scary sharp but have had no reason to try to have it re-sharpened as it is "dangerous" already.

                  1. re: Bob Mac

                    How do you like the ceramic blade? I would suggest that you don't ever drop it.

                    Too bad about sharpening in Edmonton. There is a guy in Vancouver, a place in Calgary and another dude in Toronto that I know of. What about the old dude on White Ave. Does he had sharpen?

                    1. re: knifeguy


                      The ceramic blade is wonderful for cutting vegetables, tomatoes and the like. Super sharp. I like it but you have to be very careful with it and yes, I have taken care not to drop it or otherwise chip it.

                      You mentioned the fellow on Whyte Ave. Years ago, I asked someone to suggest a place where I could get my knives sharpened and that is who they recommended. Did not take them up on their suggestion however,

                      I am assuming he is still in business but I do not know and it has been quite some time since I last wandered along Whyte Ave.

                      1. re: knifeguy

                        The store on Whyte is closed. When they closed there was a sign in the window saying that all the inventory had been moved to a store on Fort Rd. called "Butchers & Packers Supply" or something.

                  2. re: golfer1

                    You could try All-Groom Sharpening I know they have done knives for some resterants in the area.