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Jul 10, 2008 01:02 PM

Restaurant suggestions?

My son-in-law's uncle is coming to DC this weekend from the Midwest with his 18 yo daughter to look at GW. He's staying in the Crystal City area and wanted to eat out Saturday night there, but I thought it might be nice if they went somewhere near the GW campus so the student could get a feel for the area.

So, any suggestions for either the Crystal City area or the GW area campus area would be appreciated.

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  1. Any particular kind of cuisine or budgetary restrictions?

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      I don't think money is an issue, but I understand they might not be too terribly adventurous. :)

    2. Near GW I would suggest Kinkead's for seafood (maybe sit at the bar?) or you could walk a bit to Blue Duck Tavern, which might be a bit more adventurous but there is plenty of meat and potato on the menu. I'm a little lost when it comes to Crystal City.

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        There is always HOOK for interesting seafood. Neya is good for tapas, and has a cool vibe. Personally, I think Blue Duck Tavern is overrated and expensive for the quality.

      2. In Crystal City, Roberto Donna's Bebo has great food at reasonable prices - you get to eat a master's food for much less than if you went to Galileo. There are complaints about service, so warn him, but it's worth it for those pizzas.

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            Another good suggestion, but Firefly is in Dupont. A short walk from GW though and there are lots of great restaurant options there (Firefly, Obelisk, Hank's Oyster Bar, Sette Osteria, and Pizza Paradisio).

          2. In Crystal City I like Cafe Pizzaiolo for casual dining and great NY style pizzas.

            I agree with the suggestion for Kinkead's by GW. That's going to be your best nicer restaurant, IMO. Great seafood with entrees in the $25-35 range. Another option is Marcel's but higher price range and more special occasion-y (from what I've read on here at least--it's on our "must try" list but haven't been yet).

            The 18 year old will probably like hitting up Georgetown. Plenty of casual and nicer restaurants there. In keeping with the pizza theme, on M is Pizzeria Paradiso. There's also Clyde's for upscale bar food. It's a local chain and gets some negative press on here. For a nicer dinner in Georgetown check out 1789. Jacket required for men, FYI.

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              Great suggestions everyone and thank you so much!

              I'm forwarding the links and comments to my SIL so he can offer up some choices.