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Jul 10, 2008 12:54 PM

Sub for short ribs

What can be substituted for short ribs in a braised short rib recipe? For instance, I'm thinking S Goin's Sunday Suppers. I ordered the short ribs on my first trip to Lucques, but I should have known better. I am just not a fan of fatty cuts of meat. I don't like the texture or flavor of the fat, and I know it's not good for me either - so a bad combination.

Could I use a roast of beef? Something that needs a long braise?

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  1. Try to find "boneless" English cut short ribs,at least 4" long and 1" thick.Quite lean
    compared to typical short ribs,trim all the fat you see as excess.
    There are some leaner cuts of the chuck suitable,blade ect.
    Most important is prep the meat to the correct size/density,if uniform,just watch time and temperature.
    If you need to sacrifice all marbling,try some other long braise recipe suitable for elk
    or deer.
    A really well done braise isn't "fatty", time so as to skim all fat.Better yet,chill,skim all
    and re-heat gently

    1. I know that chuck roasts and cuts of chuck usually require "low 'n slow"; maybe that would work.

      1. Another thing to try is to fix the short ribs the day before according to the recipe, refrigerate overnight and skim off the fat, then reheat in the oven.

        1. I assume you are referring to somthing like top sirloin or top round? Sure you can substitute. I do not know that book, but if it has a good recipe for braising, you can use all kinds of meat. Although, you might have to adjust the recipe: cutting meat into smaller pieces, and extending cooking time until the meat becomes spoon tender. However, the richness and heavenly texture of braised short ribs comes from all the fat, and a leaner cut just won't taste the same, although it will be very good.

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            That's just what I'm after - something that doesn't taste the same :)
            Skimming won't work, because that doesn't eliminate all of that unctuous, lovely fatty tissue that the short rib is - and that those who enjoy the cut love.