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Jul 10, 2008 12:48 PM

Long Meadow Ranch (LMR)

How is the winery experience? What's better, the hike or the tour? How are the wines/olive oils? Is the Lunch worth the huge fee?? How is the staff? (I sent an e-mail asking a few questions and no one ever responded.)

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  1. Wines are so-so. I've been there and when I first read that you were planning to visit there on another thread, I thought "Why?" IMO, the total experience of the wine, olive oil
    grassfed beef isn't good enough to warrant a chunk of your day. Good view, though,
    but you can find that elsewhere easly.

    Taste olive oil elsewhere in the Valley. Other wines.
    Lots of very good winery recs on other Napa threads lately.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      Thanks Maria! We'll cross that one off the list and try Round Pond instead.

      1. re: ButterflyWest

        Round Pound received very positive reviews for some time -- the one I remember the most was by Morton the Mousse -- then, mysteriously, the quality of the experience seemed to drop, and a couple of recent reports have reflected that. So check into it before you commit -- I recall the last post saying they thought they paid too much for what little they got. I have not visited there -- but I have repeatedly sampled about five of their olive oils -- so I can't guide you any more than that.

    2. You might decide to visit their farmstand which is near much more convenient to visit and free. You can purchase all of their products, sample the olive oil (which isn't as good as Round Pond's), and explore their organic garden.