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Jul 10, 2008 12:47 PM

Kosher, 50 people, 5 Towns Recommendation?

I'm putting on a casual dinner for maybe 50 people the night before my son's wedding in Lawrence. I live on the West Coast so I can't easily visit the area to plan. I want a good, clean kosher restaurant that can accomodate 50 people and that won't charge a fortune. (We're spending enough on the wedding itself.) Even pizza/pasta would be fine. Most of us are staying in Lawrence, and will not have cars, so that area is best. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Define not a fortune. If you're saying casual, I would have suggested Dougie's but the one in the 5-towns just closed. And, the pizza places are all kinda small. I have a hard time picturing 50 people being there, and being able to actually hear eachother, and being comfortable. I'd suggest Chosen Island, which isn't expensive, but also isn't cheap.

    Can you be a little more specific about your budget

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      Wok Tov in Cedarhursr is expanding and might be able to do it.

    2. Traditions has a room on the side where they host small events. Don't know if they hold 50. Give them a call. (516)295-3630

      1. You can try Tea For Two on Central Ave, they have party rooms.

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          Tea For Two in Cedarhurst is open? Since when!

          1. re: MartyB

            Only open for parties right now.

        2. King David or Traditions might be your best bet

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            Try K Roasters. They should be much cheaper than the other meat restaurants already mentioned. They can probably set up a buffet for your guests.

            K ROASTERS
            72 Columbia Ave. Cedarhurst NY 11516

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              Hapina Restaurant in Cedarhurst recently expanded and should have room for fifty people.

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                K Roasters was the first restaurant that came to my mind as well. Relatively inexpensive, decent food... including a Chinese menu.

                K ROASTERS
                72 Columbia Ave. Cedarhurst NY 11516

                Good luck!

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Chosen Island has been suggested by several people, and it sounds good, but at $32 or so per person, it's a little higher than I'd like. I guess my goal would be to stay around $20 per person. I don't want traditional Jewish food--I'd like to go somewhere a little more "innovative" if possible. Of course the main thing is to be together with friends and relatives, so as long as the food is reasonable good that would be ideal.

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                K Roasters seams to fit the bill. They have two menu choices, American and Chinese

                Between the two you should be able to satisfy everyone.