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Jul 10, 2008 12:28 PM

Key Largo

I have a Buddy driving down the Key West next week from orlando. They plan on stopping over in Key Largo. Any recommendations on a great place to eat? I've never ventured off US1 when I've made the drive from Miami, are there any fun/decent places to stay in Key Largo??

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  1. Calypso's at MM 99 oceanside is really good. Mrs. Mac's Kitchen on the bayside is a great lunch spot. Don't miss it. I had breakfast there this morning. I had been up all night swordfishing and went there for some coffee and grub. I looked bad and smelled worse but they treat you like family regardless. The Greek omelette is very good.
    No swords, BTW. Going again tomorrow night.

    1. I second the vote for Mrs. Macs Kitchen. We ate 2 lunches and one lovely fish dinner there during our 4 day stay.

      1. I used to live in Key Largo/Islamorada several years ago. Since then there have been several hurricanes so many of my old haunts are gone. (ie The Quay). I am pleased to see the Lorelei in Islamorada still there. The Restaurant is gone but the cabana bar is still there. ( I love to sit on the dock, put my feet up, have a fresh grilled dolphin sandwich and drink Mai Tai's watching the sun set and listening to the live reggae. I took my husband here recently and he was also very impressed. The Fish House is also a pretty popular destination in Key Largo (@MM102). (
        )Everything in the Keys is located by MM(mile markers). To be honest there are so many cute quaint Key kinda places, it is just a matter of finding one that appeals to them and stopping.
        I love the Safari Lounge in Caloosa Cove at the bottom of Islamorada on Lower Matecombe. The drinks and locals are very friendly for kicking back and relaxing.
        I wish I could fit in your friends suitcase. The Keys was a lovely place to live and relax!!