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Jul 10, 2008 12:21 PM

quick Lowell question

Going to the ballpark for a show and wonder where you eat around there that's good, convenient, not crazy. Eating outside would be awesome. Only know the downtown section a little, is the park closeby? Thanks.

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  1. I've heard Ricardo's on Gorham St. is good.

    1. Boston Beer Works bought out the Lowell Brewing Co. across from the park, but am not sure what or how much has been renovated. The Brewery Complex is the physically closest restaurant to the park.
      I know food will be served at the concert, if only because the Lowell town officials have been squawking for weeks about getting a piece of the action from tonite's Dropkick Murphys show. All the concession $$$$ are going to Drew Weber, owner of the Lowell Spinners under a previous contract signed with the city.

      1. Nothing is really close to the park except the old Brewery Exchange, which was just reopened as a Boston Beer Works. I haven't heard whether or not the kitchen is up and running yet, though. Downtown Lowell, nearer to Tsongas Arena has many great options. The short stretch of Merrimack St from Central to Dutton has Sushi, Mexican, Chinese/Asian, and fancy (La Brioche). Near City Hall there are some great Asian restaurants (SE Asia and a little Thai/Vietnamese place) and Portuguese restaurant. Around the corner there's Greek, Indian, Italian, and various American fare. Much to choose from.

        1. We ended up at Cobblestones when we found out that the diner (Club Diner?) wasn't open. I think they opened up after we decided on the place. Do they open at 10 at nite? In any case, we had a decent chicken sandwich w/ cheese and bacon and those oddly crisp fries (how do they get like that?). Friend's burger was cooked beyond med. rare but definitely still juicy and good sized, also w/ cheese & bacon and maybe some onion strings on top. Both were $10.99. Service was decent. Would have preferred super quick diner service cuz it was a long day but not bad and they serve til 11:30 so for you Lowell night owls...