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Jul 10, 2008 12:18 PM

good sangria in New Hampshire?

I'm looking for good sangria in New Hampshire.

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  1. It depends on what you like...
    Margarita's has one that is sort of fizzy, not my style, but I guess it's ok.
    La Carretta has a really good one. Very tasty, and it had loads of fruit in it.
    Shorty's has one, it's ok, better than Margarita's, but not as good as LaC.

    I'd be interested to know where there are some others....

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    1. re: Fortato

      I'm not an expert but we enjoyed the sangria at Nonni's at the Holiday Inn in Concord. It seems unusual to have a local restaurant open a second location in a Holiday Inn. The original Nonni's is still in Hillsboro. The pizza is really good, too.

    2. I want to say I had a great one at Manhaten on Pearl in Nashua but I couodl be thinking of somewhere else.

      1. Hands down for me is the Sangria at Carrabbas. I've loved it for years...even out in Colorado! It may not be everyone's style, but I even got their recipe and recreate it at home. It's really that good!

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        1. re: snl1129

          Recipe? From a chain? I'd be surprised if they weren't using premixes... Post away though if you swear by it!

          I've yet to quaff a good sangria in NH. Even though it's "jazz" (loose recipe guidelines, but do what you please with the rest), everything I've had north of Boston has ranged from Hawaiian Punch at its best to tasting like Robitussin at its worst... i.e. Franzia spiked with schnapps and/or shelf-stable sangria premixes.

          For me, you gotta have 1. Decent table wine 2. brandy 3. fresh fruit 4. natural sweetener (if needed). Why this seems to behoove the establishments I've been to north of Boston is beyond me, though I doubt the apple-tini and cosmopolitan (could there be a more ironically-named drink?) crowd hasn't bothered to notice.

          1. re: AbeFroman

            Um, I love a well-made cosmopolitan, but I also recognize good sangria (one of my favorites is at Dali), and frequently make it myself with a variety of fresh fruit (and almost always including fresh orange). As long as you use fresh everything and the right wine, it is foolproof. Natural sweetener, aside from the fruit itself, should never be needed. Supposedly the sangria is nice at Agave, but the margaritas are the bigger draw for me there- and definitely surpass the food.

        2. I am not a sangria conniseur, so I don't know what makes a good sangria, but I can tell you that Olive Garden has a fruity one which I found tasty, and Bertucci's has one which I think has cinnamon in it which I found revolting.

          1. Brazo in Portsmouth has a delicious sangria. Agave (Portsmouth and Newburyport) has sangria on the menu, but I enjoy the margaritas too much to try it.