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Jul 10, 2008 11:44 AM

Looking for a Chocolate Shop in NJ

I have some diehard chocolate lovers coming to visit me in about a month and was hoping I could pick the board's brains to see if there were any neat chocolate/candy shops anywhere in NJ?

I know of a few in NYC but was hoping to find one in NJ that would be fun to visit and have a large variety of different types of chocolate. The only "different" kind of shop that I know is "Its Sugar" on the A.C. boardwalk (that's sort of fun but doesn't really offer a great deal of high end chocolate).

Any suggestions? I'm in Central NJ but would not mind traveling.

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  1. there is a store in Merchantville called Aunt Charlottes that is an old timey candy store. It has the old wood floors and candy all over the store. I think there is also an old fashioned candy store in Spring Lake that my mother talks about. Sorry, I don't remember the name.

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      The store in Spring Lake is called Third Avenue Chocolate Shop. It is, appropriately, located on Third Avenue. There is another location in Manasquan. Each is relatively small.

      I am not a big sweet fan, so I will not offer an opinion on the candies. I do, however, have in-laws who routinely ask us to send Third Ave. chocolates to Charlotte.

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        Also Jean Louise on Third Ave. in Spring Lake is known for it's chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate houses at Christmas.

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            I had forgotten about Jean Louise. Perhaps that helps the OP most - two chocolate shops virtually across the street from one another!

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        I can safely vouch for Aunt Charlotte's. When we lived in Cherry Hill and had two little boys growing up, that is where all our Christmas and Easter chocolates came from. Everything was top quality, wholesome, and delicious. Don't know if it is still so, but just about everything was made in their own candy kitchen. Family owned and a family conducted business.

        Very friendly people to deal with, too. Our two "little boys" are now in their 50's! We now live some 25 miles away from Merchantville, but when we drive into that direction, we always stop at Aunt Charlotte's to buy something to bring home with us.

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          If you travel to Merchantville, drive a few more minutes to Bayards Chocolates in Cherry Hill...huge selection.

        2. The Fudge Shoppe on Route 202 just north of Flemington hand makes its own chocolate candies on site.

          They also have a load of old fashion candies from suppliers.

          There is or was an excellent chocolate shop in Chester - I haven't checked in out in years so it might be gone. Something like J Emmanuel is or was the name.

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            Brummer's in Westfield. They were in Jersey City for sixty years and moved to Westfield about twenty years ago. The Best

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              Tried Brummer's for the first time - The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was wonderful. IMO better than Godiva.

              Then we walked to Chocolate Bar also in Westfield NJ tried a brownie covered in chocolate on a stick, this was good but sadly not good enough to eat the whole thing. They serve Gelato as well.

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                Yes, J. Emanuel Chocolatier is still in Chester and yes, it's a wonderful little shop. The last time I was there they were advertising chocolates that the owner had developed in conjunction with Craig Shelton, late of the Ryland Inn. If you haven't been to J. Emanuel for a while, it has recently moved and is now right in town - much more convenient for foot traffic.


                There's also a pretty good chocolate shop on South Main Street in Phillipsburg. It's called Antoinette Chocolatier and is owned by a woman who used to practice law!


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                  I've never been to either of these shops - I'm making a point of checking them both out this summer.... (but I still love the Fudge Shoppe - different kind of store, but sometimes I just don't want the fancy stuff and get a craving for the Fudge Shoppe's almond bark... I just find it's old-fashioned atmosphere appealing too and it reminds me of the "old days" out here in
                  Flemington when I was little.)

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                    Stopped in at J Emanuel Chocolatier.

                    This was a great chocolate shop!
                    Tried a Ginger Truffle that was very good.
                    They have an interesting assortment of Wine Truffles.
                    We tried a Cabernet Dark Chocolate Truffle that was AMAZING!

                    They also have chocolate covered gummy bears.

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                      For what it's worth, Antoinette's was recently featured on WCBS's Small Business Report as an example of a business that had an internet following before a store was opened.

                      Phillipsburg is out of the way for most people but if you're in the vicinity you should definitely stop in. It's a tiny little place in the old part of P'burg (right by the Delaware River) but part of the fun is that you can actually see the chocolates being made.

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                        All of your suggestions are much appreciated! :)

                  2. When you say die-hard chocolate lovers, do you mean they love single source chocolate from various parts of the world, and interesting mixes like chocolate with curry? Or are you looking for a shop that sells homemade chocolates in a glass case, like you would select for a gift box?

                    If you're near Middletown, Harmony Natural Foods has a great selection of single-source and fair-trade chocolate bars.

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                    1. re: val ann c

                      You hit the nail on the head - that is EXACTLY what they are interested in.
                      They enjoy trying chocolates from different regions (they once brought me some truffles that they had made w/ chocolate from Madagascar) and like also trying different types of infusions. I was hoping to find a place that also dealt with more "exotic" chocolate like this that was sold in a fun candy shop type atmosphere.

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                        The Chocolate Path in Montclair would probably fit the bill. Chocolate from all sources, exotic, organic, interesting...On Lackawanna Plaza.

                      1. There is a chocolate shop on Washington Rd in Sayreville, between Union St. & Ridge Ave, next to Sayreville Seafood.

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                          really? trying to picture it where it's's not in the "house-turned-store-that-has a different nail salon every month" is it? I drive that road can i miss it!