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Jul 10, 2008 11:35 AM

help with pool party menu!

Chowhounders, I'm hoping you can help me with ideas for a pool party for 4 year olds and their parents. I need some ideas for good, simple and make-ahead food. We have a grill but don't want to spend the whole party in front of a hot grill, but some grilled food would be fine. There will be about 10 kids and 20 adults. I know this isn't about restaurants but thought you all would have some good tips. Thanks!

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  1. You could do the "make your own kebab" type of thing.. just chop up a bunch of veggies, and marinate some types of meat..

    Or the "tortilla bar" type of thing... grilled chicken, steak, carnitas if you are up for it, can be made ahead of time and kept warm..

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      If you try this, I would not do anything involving raw meat. With kids, precautions to prevent cross-contamination are both more crucial and harder to enforce. But "make-your-own" is always a hit with kids -- it would be fun!

    2. You should post this on a different board.. maybe general chowhounding topics, or home cooking? you'll get many more responses.

      1. I had some kids over for a playdate a few days ago and did cupcake decorating... I iced cupcakes and then put a bunch of different kinds of candies in small bowls... It looked like a candy store and the kids went nuts. Could be a fun dessert idea for your get together.

        Pizzas on the grill are always fun... could make some simple cheese ones for the kids and some fancy topped ones for the adults...

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          The cupcake bar sounds cuuuute! That's something I might do for my daughter's next birthday...hmmm or maybe a decorate your own sundae bar... scoop the ice cream ahead of time and set it back in the freezer and when it's time to decorate pop it in little cups and let the kids go at it :)

        2. well, there is always the blue raspberry jello with gummy fish in it... (poured in to clear cups) or small fish bowls if you really want to get nutty with it. personally I hate jello, but don't know too many 4 year old who would turn it down.

          of course you could always make your own with say white grape or white cranberry juice... (or make blue curacao shooters for the "big" kids).

          if you want to keep it easy, stick with make ahead salads... pasta salad, fruit salad and a build your own burger/hotdog bar. keep it simple for the kids... then gourmet it up for the adults... like carmelized onion "relish", blue cheese & bacon crumbles.... whatever! buy some fresh baked rolls for buns... easy and tasty.

          1. I love watermelon balls with lime juice, chopped mint leaves, a bit of salt (and for the adults, a bit of tequila).

            Pizza's on the grill are fun, but alot of work. I would recommend some pre-cooked sausages ... there are lots of interesting ones available.