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Jul 10, 2008 11:32 AM

Big day for Austin Beer Hounds

Soon to be a local, tantalizing, tasty beer brewery, right in town!

Apparently, they have a Wheat beer, an IPA, and a Pale Ale in the works. Brewing (according to their blog) is on the up and up, and once they get TABC approval, they're gonna start selling to the public.

Anyone else as excited as I am on this??

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  1. I miss Celis. Can we get independence brewery to move away and not be from austin?

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    1. re: ieathereforeiam

      I miss Celis too. I don't miss the days when local beer meant Celis or Shiner Bock, though. We're lucky to have every brewer we've got.

      I like Independence just fine. Their Freestyle Wheat is refreshing on a hot day. I met the brewer and his wife at the Dog & Duck a few years ago when they were just starting out and they were nice people who were passionate about beer.

    2. Have you tried any of the (512) beers, EricDC?

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      1. re: LakeLBJ

        I've not actually had the chance to try 'em, no... though I sure would like to.

      2. I'm good and excited. The founder/owner has been setting this up for months, and I was concerned when things started slowing down around April. Glad to see he's brewing and getting ready to sell.

        1. I hope it works out but I stopped holding my breath a couple of months ago. So far, my limited sample has not turned up a business that plans to carry it on tap and I don't think that they have a bottling line. If you have found a place that will be carrying it, share the news. I would really like to try their beers.

          1. Uncle Billy's is having their anniversary party today. If you can get past the idea of it being an Austin Java concern, they have some good beer. Brewer Brian Peters has worked at some of Austin's most reputable beer houses, incl. Bitter End (RIP) and Live Oak. They also feature taps from other local breweries like Real Ale and LIve Oak.