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Sunday Dinner Downtown

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My SO and I have opposite schedules and Sunday is the only day we both consistently have off. Any suggestions for restaurants that are open for dinner on Sundays?

I'm making a list of places to try and so far I have Le Select, The Citizen, Alice Restaurant, and Globe. We like trying new places so suggestions would be great.


  1. Czehoski, on Queen West, is a fabulous place (particularly in the summer when you can enjoy their huge roof top patio) They keep a standard $35 prix fixe with lots of variety, and you can mix and match it (not a dessert fan? have 2 apps and a main!) They're also commited to buying and cooking local, so expect high standards in your meat and produce.
    Best reccomendations are the espresso gnocci and the chestnut perogies.

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      I think Alice's only does brunch Sunday IIRC

      Harbord Room
      The Drake
      Niagara St Cafe
      Universal Grill
      Rosebud (till 8)
      Big Mamma's Boy

      but I could be wrong...

    2. BeerBistro - fun menu, nice atmosphere (esp. on a Sunday, no loud tables of Bay St. suits in conversation about rising oil prices and declining stocks).

      1. Sidecar, JKWB, Caren's Wine Bar, Terroni...

        1. Just curious, Canoe is the only resto I can think of that is NOT open on Sundays (or even Saturdays). What else?

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            All the respectable sushi restaurants are closed. There is also Scaramouche, Colborne Lane, Marben, and others.

            A few others that are open Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill, Pastis, and Batifole.

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              Not that it's downtown, but I believe Kaji is open Sunday. I think he's somewhat respectable. ;-)

              I've always thought that seafood and sushi places weren't open Sunday because of the problem of shipping fresh on a Sunday. Obviously Starfish and Kaji can make the economics work.

          2. Terroni on Adelaide not open Sunday....but Brassaii on King West is and has good food and a great Patio...also if you like French Bistro inside or out Le Select on Wellington could work....Miranda