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Jul 10, 2008 11:30 AM

Sunday Dinner Downtown


My SO and I have opposite schedules and Sunday is the only day we both consistently have off. Any suggestions for restaurants that are open for dinner on Sundays?

I'm making a list of places to try and so far I have Le Select, The Citizen, Alice Restaurant, and Globe. We like trying new places so suggestions would be great.


  1. Czehoski, on Queen West, is a fabulous place (particularly in the summer when you can enjoy their huge roof top patio) They keep a standard $35 prix fixe with lots of variety, and you can mix and match it (not a dessert fan? have 2 apps and a main!) They're also commited to buying and cooking local, so expect high standards in your meat and produce.
    Best reccomendations are the espresso gnocci and the chestnut perogies.

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    1. re: r.tuesday

      I think Alice's only does brunch Sunday IIRC

      Harbord Room
      The Drake
      Niagara St Cafe
      Universal Grill
      Rosebud (till 8)
      Big Mamma's Boy

      but I could be wrong...

    2. BeerBistro - fun menu, nice atmosphere (esp. on a Sunday, no loud tables of Bay St. suits in conversation about rising oil prices and declining stocks).

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Sidecar, JKWB, Caren's Wine Bar, Terroni...

          1. Just curious, Canoe is the only resto I can think of that is NOT open on Sundays (or even Saturdays). What else?

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            1. re: Teep

              All the respectable sushi restaurants are closed. There is also Scaramouche, Colborne Lane, Marben, and others.

              A few others that are open Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill, Pastis, and Batifole.

              1. re: syrahc

                Not that it's downtown, but I believe Kaji is open Sunday. I think he's somewhat respectable. ;-)

                I've always thought that seafood and sushi places weren't open Sunday because of the problem of shipping fresh on a Sunday. Obviously Starfish and Kaji can make the economics work.