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Jul 10, 2008 11:06 AM

Denver hound in need of Santa Fe recommendations

We're heading to Santa Fe in early August to check out the Opera, and would like to get a sampling of what the culinary landscape has to offer (I've been to a group dinner with a pre-set menu at The Compound, but otherwise, I'm a Santa Fe restaurant virgin).

I'm looking for recommendations for the following meals:

a) A late dinner on Friday night after the drive down from Denver. This will need to be someplace that is still serving around 10 p.m., and where we won't feel like the staff is waiting for us to finish in order to go home. This could be anything from very casual to more formal.

b) A casual but tasty lunch on Saturday

c) Pre-opera dinner on Saturday (or is it worth it to just do the opera-offered picnic dinners? I'm reluctant to do this since we only get a few meals in SF, and I want to taste as much as possible)

d) Sunday brunch. It sounds like from other posts I've read that Cafe Pasqual is the spot for brunch, and I'm leaning towards that. Are there any other good options?

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  1. for your pre-opera dinner i'd suggest el farol if you are not doing black tie

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      I second El Farol. It's my favorite restaurant in Sante Fe. They have a lovely patio as well.

    2. Huevos motulenos at Pasqual for Sat or Sun brunch/lunch, absolutely! Long wait though, be prepared.

      1. Dinner at 10 pm is going to be a tough find. For Saturday breakfast and or lunch, head up to Tesuque Village Market for excellent food. Intersection of 22 and Bishops Lodge Road.

        Stop at Shidoni Brass Foundry just down the road and do a self-guided tour of the shop and watch as they pour [on Saturday afternoons] and make brass statues. Free and fun.

        I would buy some picnic items and do your own for Saturday evening. The opera's picnics are pricey. You could do better on your own. The French Bakery would have some nice things to take, but go early to get best selection [in La Fonda Hotel].