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Jul 10, 2008 11:04 AM

Suggestions in Roncesvalles?

I'm staying in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood for the month and was looking for suggestions for any secret neighbourhood spots to eat. Nothing in particular in mind, just looking for good food. No restrictions.

thanks in advance.

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  1. this is my gf's neighbourhood, so I've been to a few of these.

    dizzy's gastropub -I was surprised a the quality of the food here. They do an excellent burger that is a beef/bison mixture. They also have special food nights from prime rib to fish & chips, etc. I can't recall the schedule for the life of me but call and they'll tell you.

    Brad's takeout & eatery got some good recs on here, I've been once and found it to be serviceable.

    Skip freshwood grill, trust me on this.

    JJ's Sushi, pass on this too. Dime a dozen generic Toronto sushi.

    Cafe Polonez, old school Polish, they serve a tripe soup. That's a thumbs up from me.

    Boho was decent, however I understand they've now closed for renovations. They're planning on reopening as a gastropub.

    Silver Spoon is similar to what boho was formerly, a neighbourhood bistro.

    Cowbell on the outskirts of Roncesvalles has been getting a lot of hate on this board due to high pricing and small portions. Go and judge for yourself.

    Abstract Tree I haven't been, I've been told a lot of their ingredients are canned rather than fresh. There have been some recommendations for them on here though.

    Tinto Cafe - decent coffee, nice place to hang oot.

    Bravo Gelato - a bit too sweet for my liking.

    If you're willing to travel a little bit east on Dundas & College, there are a few noteworth Viet spots w/i a 15 min walk. Such as Pho Nho (I love saying the name a la Nate Dogg), Pho Phuong and Pho Linh.

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      Yay! My neighborhood!

      I'd add B for excellent brunch, Loon's for a good beer and patio (not so much food), and Butler's Pantry. Try the Bastille Pie...

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        I just moved to the bottom end of Ronces.
        Cherry Bomb is an awesome coffee shop, and Vincent Sushi a couple doors down does a a pretty good job.
        There is an excellent Montreal-style bagel place just opposite the Goodwill.
        Mitzi's Sister on Queen for that special pancake they do.

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          Bravo Gelato is now closed and the lease signs are on the window...

        2. Welcome!

          Mitzi's! On Sorauren, at the corner of Pearson. *Awesome* brunch food all week long.

          Cherry Bomb for coffee and scones. Tinto for wraps (some breakfast-y, with eggs, and some lunch-y, with grilled veggies) and free wireless. The Local for a casual drink. The Sorauren farmers' market (Monday afternoons, in the park at Sorauren, just south of Dundas) for groceries and people-watching.

          Skip: Freshwood Grill, Buddha Dog

          Had dinner at Brad's last night. Decent, but not essential.

          1. Chopin for Polish cuisine. Great if you love dill because it's on everything.

            1. I would definitely second (or third?) Mitzi's - awesome brunch! (I've not been for any other meal, so can't comment on the rest of the menu)

              I would also recommend Cafe Taste - though I know it is not technically in Roncesvalles; more in Parkdale. Casual wine/cheese bar, great little appetizer plates, good atmosphere. It's on Queen just west of Dufferin and east of Cowan

              1. Ari's Place (at Roncesvalles & High Park) is a great greasy spoon. You can't beat them for a classic diner-style breakfast (bacon & eggs, steak & eggs, pancakes, etc). I also have dinner there every so often, and the food is really good. They have a filet of sole entree for $10 with mashed potatoes and salad that is pretty tasty.

                I also second Tinto, Cherry Bomb, Cafe Polonez and Chopin. I had dinner at the Silver Spoon for a special occasion earlier this year and it was superb. It's expensive (~$200 for two with dessert and wine), but the service, food and overall experience were delightful.

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                  Silver Spoon is the finer dining option that I would second. The Fat Cat Wine Bar has a cool patio, asomewhat limited menu because of the cooking set up but decent night out. Cherry Bomb rules! And the Buddha Dog, well, nice guys but...

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                    Second the Fat Cat Wine Bar. Lovely patio.