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Jul 10, 2008 11:01 AM

Cheese Sticks/Straws/Puffs and the Like

Hi. I'm having a cocktail party and want something like a cheese stick to serve with drinks. Unfortunately, I don't own a proper Cuisinart (city kitchen), so the top-rated Cheese stick recipe on Epicurious is out of the question.

Can anyone recommend another deliciously cheesy cocktail snack recipe?

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  1. Why couldn't you make the sticks by hand? Cold cheddar shedded on a box grater. And then it's just butter, flour, salt and cayenne, isn't it? Even if you have to run a knife through the shedded cheese, I think it would work. And even if the cheese doesn't completely melt, what's so bad about having a streak of cheese to bite into!

    Alternatively, you can buy the cheese sticks.

    Or you can use puff pastry, roll out a little, and press grated Parmesan (and maybe black pepper too) on the sheets, cut into really thin strips (a pizza cutter works great), and bake.

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      I use nemo's first option - no fail. although I use a dash (ok a lot) of tabasco instead of cayenne but I bet smoked paprika would be good as well.

      forget the cuisinart, the time you save chopping/grating is spent cleaning.

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        I make nemo's second option. I let the pastry thaw for 45 min (+/-) then I sprnikle freshly grated parm, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I press the mixture onto both sides of the pastry. I cut them into 1" long strips and then twist them. I place them on a Silpat line baking sheet and bake them off at 350 for about 15 min., sometimes 20. You need to watch them after about 10 to make sure they are done to you likeness. My family like them very crispy and brown hence the 15 to 20.

      2. I have made little cheese biscuits by hand. Shred cheddar by hand, flour, butter, salt and a little cayenne pepper. Roll dough into little balls and flatten with a pecan half on top and bake. They were delicous with cocktails.

        1. Gougeres are a great cheesy nibble. It's choux pastry (same stuff used for cream puffs and eclairs) with grated cheese (I use Parm or Gruyere, plus a good dash of Tabasco or pinch of Cayenne, both of which heighten flavor without amping up heat)--I've made all kinds of cheese sticks, cheese straws, cheese puffs, etc., and these are super easy. It's a classic French nibble with red wine, and it's good hot, warm, or cold. I'm sure Epicurious has a recipe.

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            If you don't feel like making them, you can order these Gougeres from Artisnal Cheese online:


            I ordered them last Christmas from Williams Sonoma, they were also available at Sur la Table and Neimans. They arrive in trays, a dozen per tray. They keep well in the freezer.

            I ordered the bacon and cheddar and they were so good!

          2. I recently posted a recipe for spicy cheese-olive balls:

            I've also made that dough, rolled it thin, and baked it up as crackers. You could make straws of the same stuff cut into strips, with or without a twist before baking.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                Thanks for the link, I made them last night. Oh my! Incredibly tasty!