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I'm predicting Zero responses for this one.

But you never know..........Perhaps there are some Natto nuts out there that can help me find some in Austin. I bet they don't serve it at many restaurants. It's a fermented gooey soybean concoction. The Japanese eat it. Well, not all Japanese......but that's where it originated.

I'm thinking i may have to trek out to the Asian Market. But was looking for input......if there is any........

I'm new to Natto and into Vitamin K2.



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  1. Maybe Asahi on Burnet or one of the Korean markets on N Lamar?

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      I have bought it at Ashai Imports.


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        Asahi has almost a dozen varieties of natto, including two that are GMO-free. So, so yummy.

    2. The Korean market at Lamar and Airport definitely sells natto--look in the refrigerated section, comes in styrofoam three packs. I got really into it when I was visiting a friend in Japan last year. Enjoy!

      1. The viet-run "chinese" market on 183, in the same complex as Din Ho, has natto, but they only have one brand, Shirakiku Mito Natto.

        The Korean market geryon mentions has an amazing selection.

        1. As soon as I read the quote "Natto has an ammonia-like bouquet, in addition to its phlegmy consistency that makes it virtually inedible to anyone "

          I immediately thought I'd stumbled on a Chuy's review but it's Natto not queso.

          I stand corrected

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            OMG scrumptious, that is hilarious. I'm glad someone else shares my Chuy's sentiments.

          2. Asahi Imports always has natto on hand. You can order natto and/or nattomaki at Musashino without getting curious looks. And, largely at the insistence of my wife, you can get properly prepared natto dishes at Chon Som. Of course the best natto, mixed as required with rotten squid, is only available at my house.

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              do you rot the squid yourself, or buy it that way? (blech!) =)

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                Is there another menu at Chon Som that I'm not aware of?

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                  so, i question can you get GOOD natto anywhere in Austin (excepting your place)?

                  i just moved from NYC and was introduced to Natto by one of my best friends who comes from Osaka ... and some natto is terrible, and some is good. even in NYC it can be hard to find the good stuff.


                2. scrumptiouschef's post on sichuan peppercorns inspired me to stop by MT Supermarket (in the chinatown center). They have by far the widest selection of natto (both in terms of the selection of brands and types) I've seen* in Austin.

                  They don't have black bean natto, which I haven't seen anywhere in Austin, but they do have hikiwari (split bean) natto, which I hadn't found anywhere else.

                  * the other places I've looked are Han Yang, Asahi Imports, Asia Market, and the Vietnamese market on 183 that's in the same complex as Din Ho.

                  1. Tomo Sushi on parmer serves natto rolls and I've also seen it on the menu at Ryu Sen Sushi on Burnet and Kramer.

                    Its on the menu of a few sushi restaurants around town (probalby musashino) I just don'tremember the other ones. Usually its going to be about $3 to $4 per roll.

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                      Hey Lixlix
                      Can you use your descriptive abilities and tell me more about natto? What's you're favorite version in town?

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                        Thanks for the compliments chef. Natto is not for everyone and I honestly don't crave it though I don't feel that it is gross but a lot of people will. So since I pretty much never order it I don't really have a favorite version.

                        Natto is traditionally eaten for breakfast in Japan and is fermented soy beans. Its more of a thing you eat at home than something you get in a restaurant. It resembles beans with a thick stringy mucus around it. The flavor is fairly salty with a pungency that will be reminiscent of miso on roids.

                        If you really like miso or even better really like Korean fermented bean paste soup (Dweng jjang chigae), you should definitiely give natto a try. But for most people it will be initially pretty offputting.

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                          when dining in japan and stateside, i have always thought of natto having an almost-bleachy taste to it (reminiscent of the aftersmell of clorox on your fingers after doing laundry), plus a texture i can only describe as "google-y".

                          yes, this is such a scientific description, ha!

                          have never had a "roll", only a bowl to be eaten with rice or whatever on the side.

                          and as someone who loves loves loves all sorts of different miso, and korean bean paste soup, my palate cannot really say there is a similarity.
                          to my taste, natto is not as salty and umami-ish and nuanced compared to miso.

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                          Most of the natto in the US is sold frozen, in little single serving styrofoam containers, bundled in 3s or 4s. It usually comes with a little seasoning pouch, such as mustard. I've seen pictures of it in straw 'nests', but never seen those in stores.

                          I just thaw one (maybe with gentle use of the microwave), add the topping, stir it to develop the stringiness, and eat it straight from the foam tray.

                      2. If anyone's interested, Osaka Mansun (at Anderson Mill & 183) is running a special this week: Fresh tuna with natto, sesame oil, green onion, cucumber, and smelt roe.

                        Link to photo (it's Photo 7 of 7):

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                          are they under new management or something?
                          i have gone there off and on over the past three years, at least a dozen times, and they never had apps and specials like that when i was there.
                          it has been a while since my last visit, though... probably more than 6 months.

                          and although i am not a huge natto fan, the pic makes it look like it's chopped up and more of a garnish, so i would probably like that more.

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                            I don't know for sure if they're under new management, but compared to when I was going there about a year ago, they definitely have their act together. The specials have all been generally chow-worthy, the bibimbap (and the few other Korean dishes I've sampled) is competitive, and the sushi is pretty damn good too. It's surpassed what I've been getting across the road at Midori lately.

                            I can't speak for what they're doing at lunch, which seems to be a more hurried process. This is just my dinner experience.

                            1. re: jwynne2000

                              yes, from these pictures alone, it looks like they have really stepped things up!
                              thanks for posting.