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Jul 10, 2008 10:50 AM


I'm predicting Zero responses for this one.

But you never know..........Perhaps there are some Natto nuts out there that can help me find some in Austin. I bet they don't serve it at many restaurants. It's a fermented gooey soybean concoction. The Japanese eat it. Well, not all Japanese......but that's where it originated.

I'm thinking i may have to trek out to the Asian Market. But was looking for input......if there is any........

I'm new to Natto and into Vitamin K2.


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  1. Maybe Asahi on Burnet or one of the Korean markets on N Lamar?

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    1. re: mkwng

      I have bought it at Ashai Imports.


      1. re: Jim Washburn

        Asahi has almost a dozen varieties of natto, including two that are GMO-free. So, so yummy.

    2. The Korean market at Lamar and Airport definitely sells natto--look in the refrigerated section, comes in styrofoam three packs. I got really into it when I was visiting a friend in Japan last year. Enjoy!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The viet-run "chinese" market on 183, in the same complex as Din Ho, has natto, but they only have one brand, Shirakiku Mito Natto.

          The Korean market geryon mentions has an amazing selection.

          1. As soon as I read the quote "Natto has an ammonia-like bouquet, in addition to its phlegmy consistency that makes it virtually inedible to anyone "

            I immediately thought I'd stumbled on a Chuy's review but it's Natto not queso.

            I stand corrected

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              OMG scrumptious, that is hilarious. I'm glad someone else shares my Chuy's sentiments.