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Jul 10, 2008 10:39 AM

Tales of the Cocktail

Just in my time of need.
We're coming to town next week for the Cocktail Dinner at the Bombay Club. We have also signed up for Beach Bum Berry's Tropical Drink seminar and the 1st annual Wormwood Society Soire at Muriel's.
Anybody going to any of the events

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  1. Definitely a pass. If I had a cocktail with each course, my huband would have to carry me out. Have fun!

    1. I'll be in town for the weekend but won't be doing any seminars or dinners. I am looking pretty hard at the tiki block party on Fulton, though.

      1. My friends and I are definitely going, just still trying to decide which one of the myriad of fabulous meals to enjoy!

        1. I will be there attending all events as a contributing writer. Also judging the rum competition.

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