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Jul 10, 2008 10:28 AM

romantic 30th bday recos?

I am taking a "friend" out for her 30th bday. It needs to be soooo delicious. The only parameters are that the chef take pity on me and throw at least ONE vegetarian afterthought on the menu between the sweetbreads and foie gras, and that it not be lucques, because that was her and her ex's place. oh, also she's a stickler for ambiance, so i guess it would be nice if it was pleasant inside. price is KIND of no object. i'd like to keep it under 150-200. Thanks :)

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  1. il cielo. don't know about the vegetarian part, but the ambiance and food are really nice.

    1. La Cachette has been known to be very kind to the vegetarians. Great food and ambiance.

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        good choice as well as Grace, which will do a veggie tasting menu.

        some veggies really enjoy the food and ambience at inn of the seventh ray, but not everyone on here agrees.