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Jul 10, 2008 10:05 AM

NY pizza in Gilbert, AZ "Corelli's"

Anyone else eat here? As close as I have found to NY/NJ pizza. Blows away NYPD. While rough around the edges establishment, pizza was excellent.

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  1. Can you elaborate a little bit about what kind of pies they have available (by-the-slice, toppings, etc)? My girlfriend works very close to there and might be interested in trying it for lunch.

    I've never liked NYPD - in fact my last meal a few months ago (20th St/Highland) was so bad I actually stopped after one slice. Ray's is my standard for NY style, although I have yet to try Pat's.

    Ray's Pizza
    15576 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    Pat's PIzza Plus
    1135 E Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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      The serve just like the pizza places of my youth. By the slice and you pick the topping, or by the pie. The crust is thin that you can fold over. Have the standard toppings you would expect at any NY place. Meatballs, roni, sausage, ham, etc.... They are located on the northwest corner of Baseline and Higley. Hoped this helped.

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        Thanks for the directions - I've found several sites that list the same address with different locations on the map. Technically anything north of Baseline is considered Mesa...

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          I thought so too, but the owner assured me that he is in Gilbert, has a Gilbert zip, and pays Gilbert taxes, so I had to believe him.

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            Corelli's Pizza NW corner of Higley&Baseline(Gilbert)is the most authentic NY style "thin crust" I've found since moving from back east 7 years ago.I really enjoy the NY style pizza and attitude this restaurant has to offer.It's Family owned and operated and appears most of the employees are related.They use dough made fresh daily(makes a difference)freshly grated mozzarella and fresh toppings!So GOOD you need to eat with fork &knife!They also have the Best Wings I've had in Az Honey Hot are probably my favorite!

    2. Try Gilbert Pizza for NY style pizza.

      1. My gf picked up a half cheese/half pepperoni pizza from Corelli's for dinner this evening and I have to say, I was quite impressed - I would put this in the top 2 of NY style I've had here in the Valley (I have not had Ray's in quite some time so I can't fairly judge it). I thought the crust was excellent and it held up well to the folding method. I picked up two slices from Pat's Pizza Plus this weekend and Corelli's was superior (it's also better than my local fav, Slice of Sicily, which is getting expensive). I would highly recommend this pizza if you live in the area.

        They have a website but it does not appear to be finished.

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          Went back today, and had to follow up. The web site is up and running today. I had to ask Sedrick (owner) about the web site and pics. They are all from his establishment. I tried Gilbert Pizza as recommended above. Very Tasty. But not what I grew up on in Jersey. This is still the closest. The fact that every time I walk in, he remembers my son's name and mine, is a huge plus in my book. Just like Vesuvio;s in Jackson NJ.